As a world-wide hosting provider, we stipulate cloud services for customers in 35 points worldwide, countenancing customers to benefit from access to world-class tier one network and perfectly finagled tier three enhanced data centres, with perfectly flexible service contracts and industry-leading SLAs. There are many benefits that “re coming with” global proximity including supporting expanding enterprises. It’s important to ensure that your purchasers are getting the best shop know-how , no matter where they are. With Hyve’s cost-effective, reliable and secure world-wide system, international clients can host their IT services wherever they are and wherever their end users are located, facilitating world expansion for your business. Low latency: when you select where to host your data, it’s important to consider where your end users are located.Having your data hosted as close to your used locate will improve connectivity, latency and overall used event. With 35 spots to choose from, you can ensure that hosting as close to your clients is possible, guaranteeing low-grade latency. Search engine standings: If you’re hoping to grade most in local search engine arises, the location of your servers is an important consideration. If you want to imbue several groceries with Hyve, we can simultaneously control multiple hosting locations for your business. Amply coped: Our 24/7/ 365 support team are always on hand to handle any inquiries you may have , no matter what time zone you’re in.Hyve can manage multiple hosting sites for you, saving you the hassle of dealing with several providers around the globe. Our data centres can be found across the globe in each continent, including major centres such as: The UK, USA, Colombia, Switzerland, Spain, and Japan, and many more orientations. With a entire assortment of products and services that can be set up in each of our global data centres. This includes: Private Cloud, Dedicated Servers, Cloud Backups, Disaster Recovery, DRaaS, BaaS, Managed SFTP and Colocation, and many more products and services. If you’re interested in being hosted in one of Hyve’s world data centers you can find out more information at or afford our mas experts a bellow, or discontinue us an email ..

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