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What is Domain Name, URL, Web Page, Website, WWW, Web Hosting | TechTerms

What is Domain Name, URL, Web Page, Website, WWW, Web Hosting | TechTerms post thumbnail image

Suppose you open your computer’s browser, character example.com in the top rail and stumbled enroll. Some brand-new materials appear on your computerscreen. When you click on the likenes, previous contentsdisappear, and brand-new contents materialize and so on. The new materials that you see after everysingle click are the visual representation of a document your browser has received froma server in response to your request to access example.com. example.com is called domain name and thedocument received is called a web page and is written in HTML language which browsercan understand. The browser understands the HTML document andprovides you with user-friendly contents on the screen.Note that all web pages are accessed and transportedwith the help of HyperText Transfer Protocol or Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure, i.e. HTTP or HTTPS. Now, each web page has a unique address calledUniform Resource Locator or URL containing: HyperText Transfer Protocol or HypertextTransfer Protocol Secure Fully certified Domain name Directory, and either Web page or nothing Here, -‘ www’ is the machine name or host refer and expressed support for the World wide web. It is largely optional these days. -‘ 55 techterms’ is the registered arena. -. com is the top-level domain5 5techterms. com is the domain name, and we need to buy it from registrars likeGoDaddy, Hostgator, etc. Now, in the first URL, server is sending test.htmlwebpage to the browser, but if a URL does not end with propagations like. html,. php, etc ., the server ladens a default file – index.html, index.php, etc. in that directory. For instance, 55 techterms.com/ index.php and5 5techterms. com open the same web page. These URLs are linked with specific textbook orimages on the webpage to way hyperlinks.So, when you click on the image, hyperlinkredirects you to the link associated with it which upshots a new web page having newcontents. All publically accessible hyperlinked webpages collectively sort an information space announced World Wide Web or simply Web. A collect of hyperlinked web pages sharinga common domain name or FQDN is called a website. So, a group of HTML enters formations a website. To have our website conspicuous on the Internet, all files( HTML, CSS, textbook, portraits, videos, hubbubs) should be stored on special computerscalled servers. For that, we need to buy some disk cavity onthe server from companies to which those servers belong. These companionships are announced Web Hosts forexample, GoDaddy, Bluehost, Hostgator, etc. Once the website records are uploaded successfullyon the server, it is the responsibility of web multitudes to deliver the required registers ofyour website as soon as the server receives a request from a web browser. This assistance, provided by Web multitudes, is calledWeb Hosting. So, as a whole, on the internet, network hostsprovide us with servers to store hyperlinked web pages publically accessible with URLsforming the World Wide Web.Web pages with common domain name collectivelyform a website which extends live on the internet with the help of web hosting works ..

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