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WebHosting Break Presents: How To Setup WordPress in 1 Click on iPage Hosting

WebHosting Break Presents: How To Setup WordPress in 1 Click on iPage Hosting post thumbnail image

hey Ian Mason now with web hosting crack and i’m going to show you right now how to set up your wordpress site in simply a duet sounds and want to say a word press site don’t be confused like i was when i started wordpress i just necessitates it’s based on the wordpress material management plan which realizes it way easier to get started fast and that doesn’t mean that you’re limited wordpress is actually one of the most flexible and powerful material management systems existing and one of the most secure so that’s why i employment it for all my sizing and I run down 150 websites and that fetches me to my next level about this the reason I like I pages 1-click installation so much is because embarrassingly I be applicable to spend about 30 minutes each time I was setting up WordPress on a brand-new website and the reason I’m making this video is because as business owners we need to spend the least amount of epoch possible on busy act and time giving nonsense up and waste more era developing you are well aware our commerce means strategy actually getting things going so we can start turning a profit facilitating helping people achieve their achievement simply knowing that success we’re after not we don’t need to be bogged down with with the hectic operate that’s for makes and if it can be automated that’s even better because it saves us money so let’s go ahead and you know login to your I page note and then we’re going to scroll down to scripting and add-ons and thankfully CGI is enabled by default on these accountings and that helps to do stuff that’s automated so we’re going to click on install central blogs WordPress now again this this does not mean that WordPress can only do blogs it’s very important to know that you can make any kind of website you demand I actually don’t feed any locates that are just a blog so all of my places are managed squandering WordPress as a content administration organization and let’s click begin installation I should move the screen down for you a bit alright step one word press info supply the following information for this application blog title let’s call it web hosting end blog just for example intents it realise username I will call myself Ian password I will not tell anybody what that is that’s a secret admin email en at network hosting disruption com works for me and select your discipline and since I want to install to the root directory which conveys like if your area is called my tropical chick place appease and you precisely want it to show up there then just leave installation directory blank you don’t need to worry about that but we do want to click the checkbox for yes install to this directory even if the index already exists once you’ve done that let’s just scroll down a little bit create a database for me automatically that was one of the doing it manually is such a pain I’m like creating the database and the database users and doing the configuration files and everything so really glad that’s there and what we’re going to do next is just click install now all right now WordPress has been installed successfully and you can visit your brand-new WordPress installation by clicking on that link alright so we’ve successfully set up WordPress and this is just get ready for a nature of amusing you’re about to get into setting up your site really quickly and there’s tons of free wordpress themes available for any type of website know whether you’re a small business or personal site or or a large business or social media site anything and there’s you know it’s all free so you can get started really quickly that’s my goal at entanglement hosting escape to get you past all the mistakes and the shortcomings that I dealt with when I was starting out and get you you know accelerated so you can just really start get things done cut past the BS that I had to do so that covers up my tutorial for installing wordpress on your I page detail and next I’m going to go over actually setting up your WordPress site get a passing a I want giving it up the practice you miss it computing material choosing how you crave your site to look adding relation epitomes um anything pretty much so we’ll go to that next and i’ll see you soon peace

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