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Web Hosting Secrets Revealed – Make Cheap $6 Hosting FASTER Than Expensive $60 Hosting

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In this video, I’m going to reveal the thingsabout web hosting that no one tells you, you’re going to learn why all of those speeding comparisontests that you are able to experience, maybe other YouTube videos, they’re all ended scrap. Andthese beings don’t know what they’re talking about and they don’t know what they’re doing. And most importantly, once, and for all, I’mgoing to show you how you can take a web host. Account that costs as low as$ 6 per monthand have it act just as well as a $60 per month, a hundred dollars per month webhosting program. I’m going to coach you all of these secrets in this video. So this videois for you. If you want to reach your website faster, orif you’re looking for a brand-new web hosting assistance for your websites, or if you ever wonderedwhy some network hosting services are really cheap, right? Well, others are very expensive. I’mgoing to pack one tonne of valuable information.That’s going to help you for the lifetimethat you have a website it’s going to help you make better decisions, have a faster websiteand spot people that precisely don’t know what the heck they’re talking about. So firstly let’s talk about these comparisonsor should I say fraudulent comparisons because they’re complete and utter garbage. The problemwith all of these comparisons is they’re not. Comparing the same thing. It’s like sayingI’m going to compare these two apples. When apparently I’m not bracing two apples, I’mholding an onion and I’m constrain an Apple. Actually. It’s not even an Apple.It’s probablylike a peach or something. You can’t liken two things. Say that they’re the same whenthey’re patently not the same. And that’s the problem with all of these comparisons.They’re not comparing the same thing and they know it, or they don’t know what they’re talkingabout. And that’s the common thread with all of them.So in this video, I’m going to reveal all these soiled little secrets, and I’m goingto teach you exactly what you can do to a lower premium entanglement hosting account to make itperform just as good as a higher price web hosting history. And it will simply cost youa few pennies additional per month. Now there’s really merely two things that willmake. One web hosting busines act better than another network hosting service. And youcan add them yourself to your web hosting contrive. And it’s the same exact skills thatare being automatically applicable in your entanglement emcee when you’re compensating the higher price permonth, they’re essentially doing this.For you. So it’s like they have an unfairadvantage. They’re doing these two skills that automatically, because you’re payingway more coin for it. It’s going to cost you pennies. Where when you go direct, it’sgoing to cost you 10, 20, $50 more per month, depending on the plan you choose, it’s goingto cost you a lot more per month, but it genuinely only costs a few cases pennies extra per month. Now the first thing that they’re doing. Iscaching automatically. Let me explain to you what caching is. This is your website, whetheryou realise it or not, this is your website. I’m your network hosting server. You want to accesssome of what’s in here.So you come to the website and you click on the about me page. And you’re asking me, give me the about mepage. And “its what” I do. I go over here. And I appeared through the filing cabinet allwhile you’re waiting. And I, okay. So, uh, let’s see, we got this one right here. Okay.Here is that about page all while someone’s sitting there and waiting. That is typicalweb hosting here is web hosting. When you have caching enabled, I’m your webhosting server, here’s your website. And you’re coming to me asking me to see the about pageand Oh, here it is. I’ve got it right here. There you go. See how much faster that was.I didn’t have to go in there and look for it and pull it out and dig it out and handit to you. I time had it sitting there. Nice. Ready? Waiting for you to ask for it.Ready? To exit. Now that right there is cashing in a nutshell, I’ll leave this here for last-minute. Now you might be saying yourself, Oh, I previously know it.Caching is I have one of those caching plugins. I use a free one or I bought one. Well, thatis not. The solution to the problem, the solutionis to choose a web hosting service that has a server side caching alternatives. Let me showyou two emcees that are super economical that have these server place caching options, andI’m going to show you how to turn them on.So here’s one of them WPEngine. They chargea lot of money because they do this automatically for you. Another one is Kinsta, which is fantasticservice. They blame you a lot of money because they do all these things for you. And here’sanother one WPX hosting. They charge you a lot of money because they do these thingsfor you, but we’re not gonna use any of these expensive business. I’m going to recommendtwo services for you. And I’m going to tell you why one of them’sgoing to be listed superstar. I have links to this down below, or go to WP crafter.com/ specify hero.Look at the large-scale cost divergence. This is the account I have that we’re going to betesting it off of, but you can see this account right here is as low-grade as$ 4 and 30 cents.Now that’s for a single website. This is alittle bit more, it has some more resources and it allows you to have six websites. Andhere’s your unlimited website alternative. There’s something specific about name, superstar. The samegoes for 82 hosting. You could visit WP crafter.com/ eight. To hosting and look at these costs. They have lower starting prices now. Nowwhat becomes these two hosting business different than other low cost alternatives is the technologythey’re using is called Litespeed. They’re use something announced Litespeed technology.You don’t get this with idiocy, Gator or poo multitude or any of those, those certainly low qualityweb hosting. Companies that you hear suggested and recommendedall over the place. It doesn’t come with those, but it comes with these Litespeed. Hostingis a technology on the server that’s going to do Lee’s C server caching. So that examplewhere I pictured you, I have this ready to go, the servers automatically going to do those.And because. It’s based on Litespeed, youdon’t even need to purchase a caching plugin. This is the free Litespeed cache plugin thatis specifically designed to work hand in hand with the server to do server-side cachingand front end caching. It doesn’t cost of one. Penny. Sure you can go get WP rocketfor $40 per year per site, but why, when you are eligible to exactly choice a better quality web hostthat has this kind of bundled and included with it. In fact, here’s a site that I have set upon name, superstar that. Already has Litespeed cash installed and configured. And here’ssome rate values that I raced today. So you could see right here, the size of the siteis almost three megabytes and it loaded in less than a few seconds. And then here is an earliertest that I did and this time it loaded and less than half a second. Now here’s the thing, everything that youneed. In seek to fully take advantage of this is not turned on by default. It’s a littlebit technical. That’s why you’re saving all this fund on hosting, because I’m going toshow you right now, the places you need to go and click in order to turn all of thison.So here I am working on the control panel for my namehero accounting, and what we need to do is check a few containers. Literally, that’s all we needto do now. Obviously this gapes a lot more techie. I’m going to walk you through it.It’s okay. And. Techies not good for you. You could pay more coin per month and havesomething that’s a lot less techie, but we’re trying to save money and have high performancein this video. So right here where it says, find runs, you can just sign up for a refer, hero, count, or HQ hosting. It’s going to look pretty muchidentical minus the logo, sign up for an account, and this are likely to be your control panel. So whatyou’re gonna want to do is you’re going to go in now and category P H P.And that’s whatyou’re going to search for. And then here’s going to be, it’s saying selectPHP version, click on that option. Now by default, these two options are not going tobe checked. I’ve already checked them. That’s how I did that accelerate research in the first place.So we consider all these weird checkboxes here and we don’t know what the heck they are. That’s okay. We’re only looking forward to two ofthem. So one of them that we’re looking for is right here. It says a mem cached. You wantto make sure you check that it won’t be checked by default. The second one that we’re lookingfor is Redis. And that’s right over here underneath our Redis. You’re gonna want to check thatbox as well. These are server-based caching technologiesthat are going to make your website flowed so much. Faster now with those enabled, you’regoing to want to log into your WordPress website. You’re going to go to plugins, click on, addnew, and then do a search over here on the top.Right? For light speed cash. You’ll realise the alternative right here. Click oninstall now and then click on. Okay. Activate formerly you do that, you’re going to have a newoptions panel right here that says light speed cash. I’ll is moving forward and click on that. Now, if you’re a server, engineering is not based on light speed, you’re gonna get a big fatwarning now, and it’s going to let you know that this isn’t gonna work as good as it couldwork. If you had hosting, that was based upon Litespeed.Now, another thing is, um, this is not going to be a full tutorial on this plugin.I do want to make a. Full tutorial on it, but I don’t want to make this video too long.It by default is going to have a lot of the right locates and there’s of course, littletweaks that we are able to prepare to it.I’ll tell you one of the creates I wouldwant you to enable right now you would go over to where it says currency. You’d go overhere to where it says objective and sound there. And then right here, we would turn the objectcache on. We would swap it from memcache to Redis right here, and then right here whereit says, port you’ll want to change that to.Six three, seven, nine. Accurately. Like yousee right here. Now this Litespeed cache plugin has a ton of performance enhancements andit’s literally in my testing just as good, if not better than WP rocket, which I believethe current price is about 40 bucks per year per site. And they have an unlimited license. Hey, I only saved you that you don’t haveto worry about that per year. If you get entanglement hosting, that is based upon this Litespeedserver technology. So now I hope you’re seeing why these comparing research are complete baloneybecause they’re not comparing the same thing. You cannot compare a service that has. Cashing enabled by default, which has allthose higher rate assistances. You can’t compare that to a service that doesn’t have it turnedon by default. You can see it’s quite easy to turn it on yourself. If you know whereto click and you could pay more money to a service for them to click those caskets foryou. But in this video, I precisely miss you to seehow those analogy tests that is why you insure some act better than others.It’snot because the other services for it’s because it’s not. An apples to apples comparison.Now the next thing that clears those higher rate assistances course faster than the lower priceservices is a real sneaky trick. And it’s called a content delivery network.They come with these automatically positioned all them automatically configured, and theyare doing their thing and it commits them an. Unfair advantage in these comparison research, but the good news is you can add it for really pennies per month. It is so inexpensive, butfirst let me explain what the heck a material delivery network is. So right now I am in Southern California, say you’re in. Germany and you’re at the website and you’re like, show me the about us page.And I’m like, all right, here’s the page. Um, do you want me to forward it to you? Do youwant me to FedEx it to you? How would you like me to send this to you? You’re so faraway now with a content delivery network.Instead of me being now and you being there, I’m going to take a copy of this and I’m going to put it in strategic orientations. All aroundthe world. So now it’s right down wall street from you. If you miss access to this, it’sgoing to be geographically a little bit closer to you. It’s going to be a much shorter distance totravel, to get access to this. And that’s what a material transmission networkis. It takes all of your images, all of your CSS code, all of these different Java dialogues, all that is realise your website, your website, and it takes it. It strews it all aroundthe globe. Literally, it’s gonna placed a replica in Japan. It’s going to apply it a follow in HongKong. It’s gonna settled a emulate in Africa. It’s goingto give a simulate in multiple locations in Europe. It’s going to likewise leant a duplicate in Australia.It’s going to distribute this all across the world.So as parties see your website fromall across the world, they’re going to be able to access it considerably better. Faster becauseit’s physically a lot closer to them. So that’s what you encounter right here. It saysWPX shadowed CDN. All it is is a content delivery network, but it’s automatically enabled andincluded in the price. Nonetheless, it merely expenditure. Pennies per month now, you are able picture with1 0 material. It says free SSL and CDN. So it’s this CDN, that’s uttering the website alongwith the caching work on believably fast and on WPEngine. Actually, I don’t see it as a line item, butI’m sure if I liken everything there is proposes. Uh, it’s going to be rolled up there. It is globalCDN. “Its one of” those things that they’re doing to automatically distribute your websiteand make it run faster.And here’s the solution right here, BunnyCDN. I’ve been using BunnyCDNsince. 2018. So I’ve been using it for years. It’san amazing service. It’s the most cheap work for a CDN and it just expense penniesper month. It’s made a difference in so many people’s websites that have been followingthe content on this channel. So instead of 10 days extra for your network hostingaccount for caching, that I merely demo you how to get free and a CDN. You can come here and I’m sure you’ll probablyonly devote maybe 25 or 30 pennies per month, depending on the amount of traffic your websitegets that’s per month , not per day per month. Now let’s take a look at how they charge.So I’m going to click on pricing right here, and I have a link to this website as well. Or you can visit WP crafter.com/ bunny C DN. So here are the pricings right down here.Now it’s based upon the different. Accesspoints around the globe. So if someone is in Europe or The americas, and they’re goingto your website, it’s only going to cost one penny for a gigabyte of data transfer. Ifit’s in Asia, it’s 3 cents. If it’s in South America, four and a halfcents and South africans, it’s going to be. 6 pennies per gigabyte. I genuinely wouldn’t obsessover the cost per gigabyte because realistically for each website you have that you have thisservice on you’re really expend pennies per month to get this unbelievably fast race. And it also takes a load off of your web hostingaccount work. Now I simply had to pop back in this video. Cause I know there’s some naysayersright now and they’re saying, why would I pay for BunnyCDN when I can get cloud flare, which is also has a CDN for free. And here’s what I want to say. Research them side by side. I preferably have a much faster website at thecost of merely a few cases pennies instead of using the free CD.And that comes with cloud. Flarethat in no way, determine or way is as fast as BunnyCDN. Now, if you don’t have a coupleextra pennies to spend each month, Hey, I get it. I do. You might not. And if you don’tgo use CloudFlare, that is fine. It’s going to be. Okay, but there is no comparisonbetween the hurry you get with bunny CVN and CloudFlare.I dare you to test it, but thefree alternative is there for you, but truly we’re only talking a matter of pennies. We’re talkingabout. Pennies. If pennies shape that is something that of a difference to you, delight abuse CloudFlare. I actually adoration CloudFare. I don’t use itfor their CDN because BunnyCDN is direction faster. It’s an option. It’s there available to you.Okay. If you want to get a bunny CVN account, I have the link below. You can go now now andclick on try BunnyCDN. Actually, I haven’t done this for a while. Oh, it looks like they’regoing to give you a 14 epoch trial, which is actually really good.Essentially. What’s going to end up happeningis you’ll set up an account and you’re going to need to fund it and they have a minimumof. Funding level. And I believe it’s only 10 horses. So you’re going to papa 10 bucksin there to credit your report. And I’m going to show you how to configure it with yourwebsite right now, but it’s just going to start ticking away at that 10 bucks. Now, once you have your account, you’re goingto log in. You’re going to click on where it says pond zones. Then you’re in your clickright here, where it says, add a puddle area. Then we’re going to add a epithet for the poolszone. You could just specified it. What your website address is. Um, whatever it doesn’t actuallyreally matter what you identified it, but you are going to use this on your website. I only entered in name, superstar demo. It doesn’treally matter. I’m going to sound right here and I’m going to paste in the URL to the site, and then I’m going to scroll down and it’s just confirming the cost of these zones.Now, if I didn’t want to have my website resources stored in some of these zones, because maybeI’m afraid of the cost. So for example, The americas and Europe isonly a penny, a gigabyte, but South Africa is six times more expensive. I can sounds righthere and that’s saying, don’t give my website to South Africa and this could justdisable it. I’m going to leave it on. So we’ll move now and we’ll click on where it says, add draw region. And it just takes a sec to set up. Now, whatwe need to do is. Copy time a insignificant little bit, and this is the name of that pond zoneyou can see right here. So it’s what I named it. Dot B hyphen is cdn.net. I’m going tocopy that into my clipboard. What’s going to happen is I’m going to make this over tothe website and all of the links to epitomes and CSS and all those kinds of different filesthat even off my website.They’re going to get. Pushed out to BunnyCDN, and then they’re going to distribute it around the world. And then all the links to viewthose different assets are going to change. So you can see an example. So right here iswhat the URL would be to my logo now. And after I make this change, you can see theURL to that motto. It’s actually changed to BunnyCDN. Now it’ssuper easy to implement this year. I am back on my website with Litespeed cash, their lightspeed cash is going to integrate the CDN for me. So I’m going to go over here. It saysLitespeed cash, and I’m going to hover down right here to where it says. The CDN I’llclick on that option. And right here, there’s this first option, which I’m going to leave off and that is Litespeed cash. They’re actually kind of creating theirown CDN solution. It’s going to cost more than BunnyCDN. In fact, if you price shopCDNs, you’re going to come right on back to BunnyCDN because it’s the lowest price forthe quicken you get.Out there. Okay. So here’s how we’re goingto set this up. It’s so easy where it says usage CDN mapping. We’re going to turn thison where it says CDN URL. We’re going to adhesive in that URL, which is the pole zone that wegot to over on BunnyCDN. And we are ready to establish the format look similar to this. So we haveto add the HTTPS, the colon, the lashes, all of that.Just make it sound just like that. And alsoend it with a flog. Then right here are some options of what we want to send into the CDN.And we’re going to just leave that all the way that it is now, when we scroll down whereit says original URLs, this is where we need to put in the actual URL of the website. And we need to kind of follow this format.And actually, this is it right here.Let’s see if it lets me just duplicate and paste thatin there. There “theres going”. That is exactly how you need to format it. Which is the URL tothis website. So now what I can do is scroll down and click on save changes. And what it’sgoing to do is it’s going to replace all the URLs to the images and to all of these littlefiles that even up your website. It’s going to push that into the CDN. Now, now I am back on Pingdom to do another fast experiment. I only did this raced exam and you cansee there some improvements. But what I wanted to show you is when I scroll all the way down, it demonstrates what these 30 solicits, these are individual registers. It shows me where thoseare actually coming from. And so when I move all the way down, youcan see these URLs. You can see it’s the URL to the content delivery network. It’s no longerthe URL to my actual website. So now what’s going to happen is these, all this contentis geographically close to my website.Visitor they’re distributed all across the globe sothey can get them lightning quick and it will make my website extended that much faster and bethat much more stable. Now I wanted to show you where if you weren’tgoing to use BunnyCDN and that. It’s totally punishment. It’s your choice if you’re not goingto use it and you prefer cloud flare, which in my testing is slower.Uh, you could stilluse it. So instead of the CDN mapping now, you would scroll all the way down and youcan integrate it with shadow flare and their API. You can turn it on. Pop in your email, yourAPI key and your domain name, and you are good to go. It will use CloudFlare as theCDN. CloudFlare is a free service. It’s entirely outside of what I’m showing you in this video, but I do want to make a video on it.Like I said, I use CloudFlare personally, but Idon’t use it for it’s CDN and that’s it. And that’s why all of those similarities thatsay they’re both apples and they try to compare the two when they know they’re not the same.They know that one has a CDN automatically configured, and it’s being distributed aroundour world. They is a well-known fact that their server surface caching going on that there’s. All kinds of different forms of cashing goingon in order to stimulate that website quantity that much quicker, because all the info is rightthere, close to the website, pilgrim, they know that that’s happening. However, theyare spawning it sound like. This hundred dollar or this $50, uh, per month network hosting planis that much superior. The only thing is it’s a lot more , non-techiefriendly if you want to say, because they’re doing a lot of this substance for you. They’redoing all of it. As a matter of fact. Automatically for you. But if you were to strip that apart, piece their CDN away, row their caching mechanisms away, it would accomplish just asgood, if not worse.Then the web hosting providers that I’ve suggestedto you today in this video. Now there’s still some things that those services don’t. Do, and you’re going to be able to do, if you go this Litespeed route a roadway, so there’sperformance optimizations that we are able to move to your website. They don’t do it automatically, but this Litespeed cache plugin has some of those options all built in there. And you don’t. Have to pay anything extrafor them, it will do accomplishment optimizations on your code. It will minify it’ll combine, it will optimize your personas. All these options are built into this light speed cache plugin.So truly what I need to do is make a full video on Litespeed and this caching plugin, right. We’ll probably end up being like a 20 minutevideo registering you all the different settings, the most optimal sets in order to better to getthe most performance, but having in mind, this will not work on every network hosting serviceout there. They solely have to have their infrastructure built on Litespeed inorder for you to be able to leverage this complete.Solution for caching and recital in thisplugin, as well as the server surface caching alternatives that I just pictured you. And that’sit in a nutshell, that is what they don’t want to tell you. Now, let me just let youknow one more thing I will declare right now. That I am not an expert in any of this stuff. Sure. I have a YouTube channel. I’ve beenmaking videos. I’m probably the panel of experts in offsetting videos. I’m an expert user of WordPress. I’mnot a make or an technologist or a coder or any of these things I learned by doing, but everything that I’ve talked about in this video, if you were to ask. 21. If I’m beingstraight with you, they will all concur. I am being completely straight with you. Theseare these components that you can add to more inexpensive hosting in order to have a equivalent, a service to some of these really expensive assistances. Now, plainly there’s one moremissing piece to those more expensive business that you’re not going to get perhaps. And that is, they might have easier to communicatewith. Technical support. So reputation protagonist, they’ve got really fast technical support and aidto hosting. They have good technical resources, but sometimes they might not be as communicativelike a regular person in a ordinary conversation that you’re going to find from a SiteGroundor you’re going to find from WPEngine, specially kin stuff.So if you’re a, the user, I’m not saying atall that. Yeah, you’re give too much money because the reality is you’re compensate all thatextra money because you want the service and that’s the person on the other end that youcan reach in a moment’s notice for anything. And they’re going to speak to you like a humanbeing , not like an technologist, you are paying for that. And that is worth every penny. So I’m notsaying that those services aren’t worth noting. It’s worth it for that. If you evaluate that, but not everybody appreciates that and not everybody has the same skill level. What you’re goingto notice is once you’ve had a website for a few years, you’re become very competentin, in most of the time, never even having to contact support. I’ll tell you I never have to contact supportactually, maybe once or twice I have to, but, uh, I’m very technical now, so I can communicatein a very technical way and I don’t need that friendliness from them. And because of that, I don’t really feel the urgent need to pay for that.Uh, but you are able to, or you mightnot. The good thing is as you have the options, so I’m not position these services down that bill more, they’re really accusing morefor the foundation. But what I am putting down is all those analogies that aren’t comparingthe same thing, but they precede you to believe that then there comparing the same thing. And it’s just a cluster of nonsensical. To be straightwith you. So if “youve learned” something in this video, if you think this video can help someonetake this and share it around, give this video a thumbs up, it’s going to help me here onYouTube. And if you like material like this, subscribe and click on that notification bell, I love to have you here in the community. If you have any specific questions about Litespeedcash or anything that we’ve talked about, you can ask me in the comment section downbelow. Thanks for watching this video and I’ll see you in the next one ..

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