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Web hosting made easy | A tutorial from Name.com support

Web hosting made easy | A tutorial from Name.com support post thumbnail image

we’ve recently implemented a brand newway to purchase hosting and today I’m going to show you what it looks likeso firstly let’s acquire some hosting entanglement hosting. I ponder I’m going to get theunbelievable package best slew comes with free encryption everywhere … itsounds good to me. let’s see, I can do it for more years I mull I’ll start withthree years so I can have this hosting for quite a while all right I’m going tolog in to my chronicle and then I’m going to process my dictate I’m agree to theterms and conditions and process my tell now I want to setup my hosting andthis is where the new flow comes into play so click over here set up productshere’s my new fantastic hosting container which is good for three yearsawesome I’m going to set it up now hold it a hour to load as it’s provisioningmy account to the server it can take a little bit sometimes first I’m going tochoose a domain name let’s choose my domain name tutorialscreate a brand new website and I’m going to set up hosting now formerly is setting upI’ll do this awesome little cask corn and he’ll be setting up my account onthe server and while I’m waiting I can check thehosting status so let’s check on that Oh looks like we’re all set up so againbrandnew hosting user I have all my important information here postingstatus is active there’s my server name my server IPthere’s my default orbit for my arena and then my specify my cPanel username sothis is separate from my reputation com user reputation up here on the right this is myhosting user so we also have some hotkeys here where I can do WordPressand install that really fast I get email notes I can create mailaccounts very quickly I got a file manager I can start uploading data andmanaging my website that’s custom made and FTP details if I want to log in andremotely and upload records via File Transfer Protocol I’ll have some otheroptions to do phpMyAdmin addon disciplines subdomains SSL TLS and our one softwarestore it’s awesome exclude establishing the internet rad

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