Lee Web Hosting – Hosting Providers Agency Web Hosting Business Startup – Part 2/30

Web Hosting Business Startup – Part 2/30

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so next we are going to sign up for PayPal sign up now so here we are going to choose a business account because we want to have our fellowship mention then so click get started now choose the website payment touchstones which is on the left click there and fill in the way I’m going to hop-skip this whole process only sign up fully then we can log in afterwards PayPal at guild co.com and the password which I use ok and I’m gonna login first thing we want to confirm our email address so once logged in click confirm email address actually you can just open the paypal email you use and there we go activate account and click on the link there and only fill in the PayPal password afterwards to confirm the email we are using with PayPal login and that should confirm the email address so the next step is to actually let me ascertain my business set up and we want to add either a bank account or a credit card in the specific characteristics now computed or revise bank and credit card click there so inside here you can add your own bank account merely fill out the whole process to confirm your bank account or your credit card account here “once youve” supported your bank or credit card you can do more trash I think they will lift off the limit on the PayPal account so you can process thousands upon thousands of dollars of transaction that’s it so log out now and that’s pretty much it “were having” our PayPal account and we are ready to go

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