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Transfer WordPress to a New Web Host (Part 1)

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hi my name is Tom at I’d rather be writing mollify and today I’m going to show you how you can transfer WordPress from one network legion to another this is assuming that you’ve already got your blog installed on your entanglement multitude and you’ve got content in there and you just for whatever reason you don’t like the web host you’re having controversies you want to move it into an entirely different web host these are the steps that you have to go through or that that you can go through and I’m breaking this down into four sides really because it’s just kind of a lot here and it’s a lot to cover in really one video so the first step the first thing you need to do is obviously identify the brand-new network host and there’s lots of entanglement emcees out there I suggested that you look for at least three kind of key points one is you demand one with good rendition and now with WordPress though the Linux the UNIX servers work best so if you learn a Windows option I certainly don’t recommend that there’s some register dispensations problems there’s like the indicator fleck PHP will appear in your URL and so forth so but sought for a web legion it doesn’t overcrowd their servers and I’m not really sure you know how you has confirmed that but performances good subscribe is also important you need somebody that is going to be available when you when you are ready to them like 24 7 either through live chat or through phone or something and finally you need an easy interface you need some kind of interface where you can manage your blog preferably one that has something announced cpanel which stands for control panel it’s going to have your database at tools for working with your database it’s going to have tools for working with all your enters in your content I like bluehost but there’s lots of other good legions out there so after you identify the new legion you need to install WordPress so here’s how you install it assuming that you have cpanel you would just log in and this is what cpanel looks like scroll down and most of them have an auto installer I like simple dialogues you only click simple writes I’ve got quite a few blogs in stalling click WordPress because that’s what you want to install click install and then you’ll choose the index that you want to install it typically when you signed off for your report you had to tell them what orbit you miss it and so forth and so that will be an option here so if i wanted to install it into Jane speaks com I would simply positioned it right there and then you would just click the little check box now and elect ended and when you do that it will install the blog so after you after you’ve lay the blog though you run into a problem your old-time land or sorry your aged web emcee has your material right and your arena is pointing to that age-old entanglement emcee but now you’ve lay your material or you’ve installed WordPress on a new entanglement emcee and your land isn’t drawn attention to that web emcee so how do you work with it you can’t go to Jane predicts com or whatever to work with it you have to go to the temporary IP address that they give you so when you sign on for Anna you sign up for a entanglement hosting proposal if you don’t previously have a domain that you’re able to point to that because of course you’re probably just working on it you have to go to this temporary IP address that they should give you when you sign up so although i positioned the blog at jane predicts com if i were to type Jane reads com it would still going to see my old-time my old-fashioned multitude right because that’s where the mention servers are the domain point so what I’m going to do is go into PHP my admin which is a tool for are concerned with the databases for your blog and i’m going to repoint the home and and the the area URL to this temporary IP address then i’ll be able to go to it i’ll be able to work with that blog no problem so i’m going to go back into control panel and i’m going to scroll down now where it says PHP myadmin under databases this tool allows you to work with all of your databases so on the left you can see that I have a ton of databases here most of these are WordPress installings and the one that corresponds with the blog that I set is this one so you select the database you want to work with there and now click the wp options table a row whatever now clink browse and now understand where it says site URL you won’t be able to work with your blog if that URL is always going to be pointing to your age-old database so I have the temporary URL right here and I will exactly emulate that and I’ll click Edit and I’ll simply change this to my temporary URL so i can work with it and click go and there’s one more in addition to the site URL you have to change one other but you don’t see it until you go to the next sheet down at the bottom here it’s kind of out of the video screen but I’m tick a little arrow for next and you consider home here is also pointing to Jane reads calm so I’m going to change that to my temporary region as well and now I’ll be able to go to that realm in my in my address prohibit and I’ll be able to log into WordPress at WP admin and so forth and now that now that you’ve set up that you set up the blog positions so that you it’s pointing to that temporary region you can work with it you can configure it upload your theme do all kinds of things and when you’re ready to go live later we’ll do this later you can just log back into PHP my admin and vary those appraises back to the regular domain once you’ve transferred that

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