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Tips for hiring an SEO specialist | Search for Beginners Ep 9

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SEO is search engine optimization Or the acronym for search engine optimizer. Hiring an SEO expert has the potential to improve your website and save time, But if you hire it can give you bad advice Or people who recommend bad practices and shortcuts, It may cause damage to your website and reputation. When hiring an SEO expert, Keep in mind the following general recommendations. First, interview your potential SEO consultant. An excellent SEO expert will not only focus on Search engine rankings, which is what you present But they will focus on how to improve your presentation To help your business. Good SEO consultants usually ask the following questions: What makes your business, content or service unique, So it is valuable to customers? What are your general customers like? How are they currently finding your website? How does your business make money, and how can Search help you make money? What other channels do you use? Do you use offline advertising? What about social networks? Who are your competitors? How do they perform online and potentially, offline? If the experts seem to be Not interested in understanding your business, Please consider finding another expert.

Without understanding the business goals, In the case of customers and other existing marketing efforts, It is difficult to properly optimize. Be wary of providing unrealistic guarantees, Such as the expert who makes you number one in Google. No one can guarantee this, And usually those who try to violate Google Webmaster Guidelines to ensure that people do this, For example, creating unnatural links and portals. If there is a particularly serious violation, It may cause your page or website Permanently deleted from Google’s search results. The second step in hiring SEO is to check references. You want to check with past customers, And confirm that SEO experts can provide useful guidance And work effectively with their team. You want to make sure that the results are permanent, not temporary. A good expert will help SEO Become part of your general business operations. They should focus on long-term planning and help your brand. The third step is to request technical and search review. If you trust your SEO candidate, Please provide them with a restricted view, an incomplete view Or the right to write Google Search Console data or Analytics data.

Before they actually modify any content on your site, Ask them to conduct technical and search reviews, To provide you with what they think A priority list of improvements that should be made for SEO. After reviewing inside, SEO experts should prioritize issues And make suggestions for improvement. These recommendations should be based on data about your website, Should work well with your online image, And avoid possible violations Improper practice of Google Webmaster Guidelines.

Ideally, you should look for Focus on technology and strategy for the audience, Rather than suggestions on search engines. The audit should also estimate the overall investment And the positive impact on the business. After an interview, reference inspection and technical review, You should be ready to evaluate potential SEO experts. A good SEO expert will prioritize using the least resources Come with ideas to improve your business. They will also suggest that it may take more time at the beginning, But in the long run it will promote the improvement of growth.

They should feel like they can work and experiment with you, Learn from and help you and your business pave the way for people. After hiring them, work with them to agree on goals and targets And how to track the results in advance, So you can know what you will get out of it. Thank you for watching, Please visit the resources in g.co/webmasters . Don’t forget to subscribe to the Google Webmasters channel, Then press the little bell to receive the notification, This way you won’t miss any future videos again. see you later!.

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