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SEO explained | Search for Beginners Ep 8

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Your website should be able to attract potential new customers One way is to make your website appear in search results When consumers search for the types of goods you sell For example, children's clothing This method of making your website appear in search results is called "search engine optimization", or SEO for short Think about it like this SEO is like a shop window You want the shop windows to be interesting and attractive SEO refers to websites using appropriate keywords Provide relevant information to potential customers There are a few different ways to do this Please confirm that your website contains useful information For example, inventory, category, price location and business hours Other best ways include Create short, meaningful page titles Communicate page theme with page title Add a detailed block of "About Us" to include contact information and business scope company profiles If necessary, plus operating location Add sales location and business hours if necessary If your website contains images and videos And confirm that the relevant description uses the word mark of the "alt" attribute and other attributes To ensure that Google can interpret its content And convenient for people with disabilities to browse the web Also, be sure to use images to illustrate the items for sale And use keywords such as brand, color and product description to describe the product In addition, you need to pay attention to the correctness of the image The relevance of text description and page title You should also use the techniques and checklist mentioned in the previous episode Make sure that when people search for your product Your website will appear in search results We talked about constructive ways to improve website visibility But there are some less proper methods Including hidden text when building a website Induce people to come in This technique and other tricks used to deceive database indexes Usually called black hat SEO, so don’t use it Google has many ways to detect technologies that attempt to manipulate search rankings These protective measures can further ensure that search results are relevant and correct for users Therefore, black hat tricks are mostly ineffective In the long run, it will waste your time and money Google provides tools to help you manage SEO Sign up for Search Console to see how your website is performing in search results Search Console is a free tool provided by Google Can help you run your website and monitor its performance If there is a problem with the website, an email notification will be sent So you can focus on your own affairs If you don’t want to do it yourself, you can also hire a professional In the next video We will talk about how to find and hire great SEO experts If you have any comments on this video or this series Please comment below the video See you next episode

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