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Quick start: Hosting your ASP.NET Website in IIS

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hi this is Michael Kennedy and I’m going to talk to you about hosting your website when it’s is built around the Microsoft stack you have many picks on how you can host your website you can go to a commercial-grade hoster and just by hosting they’ll set everything up for you and often you publish through FTP or something like that that’s one method a more common way perhap would be to host it yourself within your own data center perhaps you’re a large corporates corporation you run your own servers you can host it there another really popular and growing trend is to host your site in Microsoft Azure and we’ll see how to do that later in this particular video we’re going to talk about how do you set up your own hosting on your own servers so there’s two steps we’re going to host our website in is let’s check out a few cases things before we actually get there so you can see that we can run our website and here’s a cheesy little offbeat entanglement world-wide website and you’ll see that we can host it here it seems to be running in a server and that’s true in the development mode so if we go down here you can see this is is Express this is fine for progress but it won’t do for creation hosting okay it merely doesn’t have all the capabilities and things you need this is for testing and development it’s not a product web server what you need is is so in order to install is you have to go and include those features to Windows typically they’re not installed by default on Windows 8 one which I have here you can go to turn Windows Features on and off and you’ll accompany Internet Information Service or is as we call it for short and we want the lotion server facets for asp.net and you probably want the web management tools is administration console so you can actually work with the thing now if you do this on Windows server generally you do a slightly different way to install this you go and add roles to your server so you need to add two capacities you need to add the lotion server and the web server for is so either way you get installed once you have it up you’ll be able to run is so we come over here and simply type is for Internet information service manager and open this up so imagine this is a remote machine we are also able Remote Desktop 2 or something like that we’d like to create a brand-new website this is in our own data center right so we can say add website super easy we pass it a list this is just a friendly referred it could be anything you like but let’s pretend we’re going to host our weird wacky web world website from dopey entanglement WorldCom or something like that okay so we’ll come over here and we’ll say this will time be goofy web WorldCom something like that let me copy that we’ll need in a few arranges then we need to pick the lotion fund you can see it’s going to create one this is basically the process that your locate fees in and over here in the physical move we can settled it somewhere I frequently like to applied this on to a second drive I wouldn’t really prefer the CD drive and maybe drive D we’ll call this WWE over here and within there I’d probably create something along the name of the site because you might have countless websites hosted on your server this is easy to do as you’ll see in just a second so what you’ll do is you’ll proceed delineate from your land your domain emcee people that hold your domain name you’ll go to your DNS establisheds and delineate them to this server whatever its IP address is and then the server will see the inbound seek in the URL for a particular host and it will differentiate between different server different websites using that so we’ll precisely positioned this here alright so now we can come over here and talk to our site I’ve already mapped that arena to this regional machine so I can go to preposterous web worldcom and it runs for a second and says inaccuracy you can’t index this directory that’s because we haven’t published our site so if we want to publish our site we have a couple of options we can come over here and right sounds and say publish this is great where we can only mimic these files but we’ll end up with additional nonsense the CS enters and numerous other compiling artifacts that are actually don’t belong there so what I’m going to do is I’m going to say I want to publish this website and for now we’re just going to use a neighbourhood tradition one now this will simply has become a local publish or whatever you’re going to call it and this is just going to be published to the file system all right so perhaps this is a network share or something in our world I kept this over here on D wway key web world so we’ll only put it there say next we want to publish release you typically don’t want to publish a debug build and we could say clean out that area if there is a desire so that if we remove a file it’s also later removed from the server and so now we can merely made publish you’ll view down here it’s going to do a facsimile reproduced over to here let’s just try that like again refresh and give it a moment to wake up hello wacky web world wacky web world comm is online and our site is published so there’s really nothing different about if doing this locally or to a structure share that some server is uncovering if you’re going to push this some more farther out you is a good one may use the different hosting option I’m sorry different publishing option here lead we might want to create a brand-new custom sketch call it whatever and picking network deploy but we need to set web deploy up on the server it’s super easy to do but it’s something you have to download and install don’t have that setup and do it locally it’s kind of silly to show you that style in another video when we talk about asier I’ll support you how to use web deploy to publish to Azure alright so that’s how you set up is take your website and publish to it you can either exactly emulate the data sometimes that’s FTP certainly the best way is to use web deploy because it kind of does the web config compilation conversions and all that kind of stuff that you need done and it falls it right where it needs to be you can even tell it after it’s done going to open up a particular page like this one to make sure your site’s working when it’s published thanks bye you

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