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Java Web app Hosting on Openshift – 1

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in this video we’ll see how to deploy an employment or web application on OpenShift now this application can be lovi application this can be a java application it may be a PHP application so you can deploy a different type of application or different of a web employment on OpenShift but before in this video we only talk about Java because we’ll be doing a practical application of 8 in the further lessons so we’ll places great importance on you in Java now whenever you want to create a OpenShift application on you have to deploy an open carried lotion first thing is you have to create a project which is supported by open influenced mas busines so before deploying you should understand some some lingos and some engineerings the first you should you should learn what is mavin so to learn mavin you can watch my video on demand it’s a big implement so I will you can find a tie-up in the specific characteristics for mavin so what is mavin exactly it’s a big tool so let’s say you want to create a project of a project in Java so you can use a mapping template or mavin archetype so it’s a business of process organization let’s say you want to in your lotion you want to add some libraries so you crave masks you’ll connect er you require J unit library so you not downloading those labrie by yourself you can ask mavin to give you those libraries ok it’s very handy tool to use so you can find a tie-up in description douche make sure you watch that video firstly before going for the next video so after this we should watch it ocean of mavin so if you know mavin you can skip that video so yeah so you should know about mavin the second thing is whenever you deploy an lotion on openshift it’s not just you have to make an application and deploy you know you can also test your employment while developing on OpenShift now how to do that so you should know how to work with eclipse or you can also do it with dominate word but I don’t prefer to work with command line because it is very difficult for amateurs so usually we can immediately use Eclipse to do all those exercises so let’s say you have an eclipse here and “youve had” open send server okay so we have Eclipse and open ship server when you are make an application you will first compose it in Eclipse right so you will make it vacation in Eclipse wherever you are done with the the responsibility you can deploy instantly on open carried so in a time there will be option of pushing so you have to push your application towards the server okay so it will go to the server open carry server but hold on then when they might do various employments on open safe flight so how to mention which employment you want to target so for that it is necessary to first log in to your open sips openshift website and you have to give the names on Eclipse so on Eclipse you have to install a plugin for a position so formerly you install the plugin you have to sign in there with your username password of OpenShift then this Eclipse and open ship will be connected okay and you can create multiple works on openshift and everything you can see on Eclipse so let’s say you are using that lotion here you just have to deploy or push the application to the open shifting server but hold on whenever you see this there’s another push so it doesn’t it will it is not take your programme instantly from Eclipse to openshift so it moves it via so first your application which is an eclipse will go to get okay from gate it will go to open sent server so you should also learn what is gate so you the two technologies you have to learn is how in factory now so firstly you should know how to use mavin all what is mavin second how to install plugins in Eclipse if you know if you are a beginner so you might find it you pick up difficult and next you should learn what is gate okay so mostly it was founded by Linus Torvalds the same guy who has build Linux kernel so get back a little while set world and so you can find some precedent of adolescents so we have github and we have large-scale container large-hearted container so we have these two things you can you can push an application to this websites so most famous is github in order to be allowed to precisely push your application there and from that it will go to open shift now you don’t have to create a git detail whenever you create account on open move you will get a good chronicle which will be used by open shirt okay so folio from be eclipse you have to push it to OpenShift but in open shape you’ll be coming three to3 paraphernaliums so it’s free right but do “youve been” got only three gears so in total the government has numerous I guess it around 15 16 times you can use three maximum three so what is this gear so let’s say your application you miss a tomcat or maybe you require a JBoss now yeah so what is JBoss JBoss is a app server same as Tomcats a tomcat is a web server JBoss is an app server okay and JBoss patronages all JSP application and submit application now since openshift belongs to Red Hat JBoss too belongs to Red Hat that’s why you can either they they work together you can also use Tomcat no edition but if you are working on openshift your preferable is JBoss so all your overshadow is shown of instead of working with Tomcat you can work with JBoss so these are the things you should learn before deploying the app on open determine target this is not difficult you can you can see all those thing in the subsequent lessons but time you know be ready with your subconsciou you have to learn all those things so firstly Madden then you have to learn get then you have to learn Eclipse JBoss and that’s it so will deploy that app on opposition so yeah that’s it thanks for watching and it was next video

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