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Is FREE Web Hosting Any Good? | 000webhost vs. FreeHosting.com

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– Hey, chaps, my appoint is Christian Taylor. Welcome back to CraylorMade where I like to talk about all things labelling, commerce, and entrepreneurship. So today we’re gonna betalking about network hosting. Can you get web hosting free of charge? Well, the short answerto that question is yes, but the long reaction is not really. If you’re trying to builda WordPress website, you may know that webhosting is required to do so. Web hosting is the server thatyour website files live on. So, when a consumer types in your domain name into their browser, thewebsite registers are accessed on the server and sent back to the user. There are a lot of greataffordable web hosting options like Namecheap and DreamHost, but what if you wanna launcha website completely free? Excluding the cost of your domain name, WordPress itself is 100% free and there are a lot offree WordPress themes.So can you get free webhosting and create a website just for the cost of a yearly domain name? Well I searched for a whileand looked for free web legions, and while there absolutelyare free alternatives out there, there’s quite a few catches. Let’s start with 000 webhost. Perhaps the most popularfree web host out there. Zero, zero, zero, uh, I can’t say that. 000 webhost, okay, you know what? I’m just gonna call it triple zero webhost for my own sanity from now on. Triple zero webhost, which is a Hostinger company by the way, offers you free entanglement hostingwith 300 megabytes of disk infinite and three gigabytes ofbandwidth per month. So, that sounds pretty good. I necessitate, can you actually install WordPress with merely 300 megabytes of gap? Well, I tried installing WordPress and I was unable to get it to install apply the built-in tool thattriple zero webhost gives you.So, the only other option was to install WordPress manually, by hand, which I have not done in years. Today in this world ofautomation, every entanglement emcee out there lets you installWordPress readily with one click. So it was a bit foreign, but I symbolize it’s free soI can’t really grumble. Unfortunately though, my attempts to installWordPress manually also disappointed. I couldn’t get WordPressto connect to the database, and at this site, I had to only throw upmy hands and give up. My experience was very similar at the next free web emcee as well.I gone over toInfinityFree.net and visualized, “This is it, this is the one.” And I went to sign up for an account and the affirmation email never came. Unwilling to accept defeat, I varied the emailaddress to something else and clicked okay, and things never laded. So I moved in for round three. Surely, there’s gotta be a functional, free network host out there. I came across FreeHosting.com and I got a lot of sect in this one. I represent, it’s got what itis in the domain name, FreeHosting.com. Like, surely they specialize in this. Their stuff’s gonna work. This will be the one. This is going to be the free entanglement multitude that lets me get my WordPress site up and running for zero cost to me.I signed up for the history, got the confirmation email. I came transmitted a passwordto log in to the panel. Things are looking good. And, I even installed WordPress. Except the dialogue thatinstalled WordPress did not set the username and password I passed it. So, I was unable to log into my WordPress website. I clicked the Reset Passwordbutton and waited patiently for the reset passwordemail that never came. But wait, here it was.In my spam folder, all of a sudden, the affirmation email from the last host, InfinityFree, finally came through. So, I clicked it, substantiated my accounting, got access to their cPaneland lay WordPress and everything directed punishment. I was able to use the WordPress backend, create affixes as I’d expectand from here on out, I could continue to createa entirely functional WordPress website hosted completely free. So, yes, it is absolutely possible to get free web hosting. But you don’t want free entanglement hosting. What do you represent? Who doesn’t want free entanglement hosting? You don’t because youdon’t want to waste hours of your time dealing with silly glitches like evidence emails not showing up, or databases not workingcorrectly, because go is fund. And I get it, if you’re on a tighten plan, free network hosting is really appealing. But, you still don’t want to do it. This is because there arelots of extremely fund web hosts out there that furnish hostingthat is a big step up in character and professionalismfor a absolutely low cost.Hostinger, for example, offers network hosting foraround $24 per year. Or, if you’d rather wage monthly, you can get affordable hosting from Namecheap for $2.88 per month. By paying for web hosting, you’re paying for reliability and support. With a free entanglement host, they can exactly terminate your web site at any time with no backlashes. If a server crashes, ifthey close their doors, or if they simply merely don’tcare about your website, they can really press remove andit’s gone from their servers.And, what are you gonna do? Sue them over deleting your folders that you paid them$ 0 to host? I think this videos is proving that there’s really nosuch thing as a free lunch. It’s extremely hard tomonetize free network hosting. The host could tryinjecting ads on your locate and profiting from your tourists that road. Or they could try and analyzethe traffic on your website and sell that data to market companionships. But that’s really stretching simply to make a small amount of money. These free network hostsreally don’t have much of a course to make money and that means that the quality is going to suffer. There’s only one case thatfree entanglement hosting attains gumption, in my opinion, and that’sif you like to tinker.You don’t mind spending timeto get something driving and you don’t need entanglement hosting for an internet site that youreally, profoundly care about. If you just want to installWordPress and fart around, then you might as well try outone of these free network hosts and see if you can get it to work. If you can, this mightbe a great opportunity for you to learn the WordPressbackend and maybe even go on to launch yourfreelance web design business or something to originate some extra cash. But, if you’re looking to start a website that you care about even a single fleck, and you can scrape togethera few dollars a month, I would strongly recommendbuying some inexpensive and affordable web hosting.So earlier I said there’s nosuch thing as a free lunch, but what if there is? Well, I wanna give a shout-out to Webull, a free stock-trading app that allows you to buy and sell stockswithout the regional commissions. Right now, exerting thelink in the description, you can sign up andget a free furnish appraised between $2.50 and $250. And, if you make adeposit of $100 or more, you get a second free stockvalued between $12 and $1400. Hmm, let’s see, $12 plus $ 2.50. That’s a guaranteed $14.50 completely free. I suspect there is suchthing as a free lunch. Or you could apply thatmoney to your entanglement hosting. Ah, meet what I did there? Thanks to Webull forsupporting the channel, and you can get started usingthe link in the description to get your free inventories today. So, what do “youre thinking about” free network hosting? Is it something that you would try? Or, would you very stand from it and buy some inexpensive hosting instead? I’d love to know your thoughtsin specific comments down below, and if you like thisvideo, do be assured to stumble that Subscribe button and click the buzzer so you don’t miss whenI release new videos.With that said, I willcatch you guys next time ..

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