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How To Host Your Own Website Completely for FREE – (Making a Website from Scratch Part 4)

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hey guys welcome back if you haven’t seen the first three lessons on how to attain your own website you can go check them out in the specific characteristics or they might be right around here as an annotation this next step will show you how to host your own website wholly free of charge I know a lot of people say you know you have to have money and you know cost money for a good multitude but that’s it’s not true all the time so I want to I want to show you what I use sorry about that before we even start I want to what we have to do is actually make a zipped archive so we’re gonna new when we’re all I said Mark IV if you don’t have WinRAR you can search it and download it so we’re gonna announce this website speck zip okay and I’m gonna positioned my website inside of it really duplicate it inside and now my websites inside and everything our whole directory is mostly in now so now we’re gonna actually host it so we want to go to our browser and going to see 0 0 network emcee mollify there we go okay so here is actually where this is the hosting mechanism that we’re going to be using it’s a really really nice Webster hosting really really nice host and I’ve been using it for quite a while now and it makes really well so before I actually use Dropbox and Dropbox the only problem with Dropbox is it it’s really slow and it takes up yeah I don’t think you can have forever and it’s it’s horrible but um yeah so we’re going to use here as your network 0 0 is your web host so we’re gonna go to sign up okay so if you have a domain that you’ve all you already have a he bought he pre bought before this you can made that in right here I ought to have been threw sports event 1 1 0 0 net if you want to get your own domain a great place to get them and neighbourhood that I got mine was godaddy.com you’ve probably heard of them and that’s not it is it oh yeah it is ok GoDaddy calm you can switch it actually right here let’s say I demanded hailer I entail it’s not gonna be there but you can you know basically money it’s already taken but “youre seeing” which once you you can and then you can add it and you can see how much sounds like process or process but coin it expenditure so I’m actually just gonna once have my own Lila server I’m just gonna kept it in and I’m not gonna make save I’m not gonna submit it put in my appoint okay that’s what this slow and my email I’ll put in my password and my password again and you agree with the Terms of Service and you appoint your detail and check from the email once you’re done with that you can go to see the home and actually I’ll log in okay here’s mostly your homepage and if we click on sports Emma one zero zero pay actually issue if you if if you have a domain that you exactly registered it’ll bring you to a page not like this but it will bring you to a not like this but it will bring you to a page that mostly depicts in your directory and what’s in it like you there’s a folder called public HTML and it’s actually really useful so if you go back into here and go to cPanel there’s actually a lot of useful stuff here if you go to account information that’s actually really important if you ever wanted to upload things from Dreamweaver which there’s ways to do it here’s the information ah the server figure right here but what we want to do is actually go to file manager and login with our password now I’m actually in my discipline register overseer which is really cool and we want to go to public HTML and this is where we’re going to be uploading our whole website to and I’m gonna make a new record ah poop no resend I’m not gonna make a brand-new document because that’s stupid but did I procreate it no I didn’t okay so I’m gonna make a brand-new folder brand-new index and call it on tutorial website I have not yet been assets you can date uppercases but it’s just easier to situate you don’t time uppercases ah alright go back and as you envision our tutorial websites right here and this is where we’re gonna upload our website to but if you haven’t uploaded anything here you can precisely upload straight to now exactly straight to your uh your desktop or your that’s not your public HTML folder but because I already have a website up I’m gonna go to this tutorial website and have it in a separate page so from here I’m going to go to upload and find browse for the zipped the zipped folders and find desktop open up website and upload it and go back now as you see if we go to website our whole websites extremely right here so if we go to athletics someone zero zero net flog seminar oh turd gash tutorial website you can see if we go to website right here here’s our website oh yeah I get to go to a website again but mostly this is our website kind of cool right yeah I know it’s awesome it’s just so cool but actually what I’m gonna do is go up and delete or actually now go in mimic all or actually move all this is something that precisely now and said I’ll talk target indices and made OK oh go back and what that mostly did was move everything out of that folder so you can get everything in here just in the main thing so if we went to we just got rid of the website it’ll go straight to here instead of having um you know whatever you whatever instead of having the additional folder in there so that’s really nice and so that’s basically it so we’ve hosted our website that’s bait that we’ve we’ve done it that’s it’s great it’s awesome so the last step is to add like let’s say you have a forum or a blog and you want to add those to your website and let’s say instead of having like what I had before was like sports fan one was zero net slash editor no is like plays memos easy reddit timber or something like that that like a premade form I’m gonna present you how to use PHP B 3 in the next tutorial and how to build your own blog and the next tale that’s gonna be the last part and I’ll be does so with the full fib so bide sung for next time and I’ll see you later bye

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