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How to add new/another Domain name to your Hostgator hosting

hello guys in this tutorial we are going to learn how to add your new domain name to your multi realm hosting okay so first of all you need to buy the new domain name to add it in your hosting honour I have already bought it the call of my domain name is odd – blogs not in okay to add your brand-new domain name in your hosting honour “youve got to” firstly going to see your control panel which is your website name slash cPanel and in now you need to go to the domain section under which which is add domain click on the add discipline and here you have to write your domain name the exact domain name without any HTTP or W a little bit so this is how it is done our sidestep – black scatter in okay now it will generate by it own you need a password for it for login roles make sure to make a strong password this is how it is done and then click on add-on domain now formerly you are done you have to install the WordPress again for this particular domain name for every new domain name you have to install WordPress again okay so now you will go to the you will find quickens install WordPress in your cPanel in recollection there is soft soft Achilles under software and service you will find it in your too so you precisely click on it and click on install on WordPress then write your domain name that you have just added on you will find it here okay now make sure to remove WP from here because it will stay with your domain name forever if you don’t remove it so only make sure to remove WP now this is site list or place description which you can all remove later on so you do not have to worry about it now this is the admin username and admin password you can change it right now if you want okay so I exactly you can also change it later on I will tell you later on okay this is your admin email which you can also deepen later on this is a language login attempt yeah you are able change it later on so yes we are done for now and I guess we are done brand-new domain name this is a password this is the admin name admin email times so we are done now we just have to install the WordPress it will take maximum okay it is done so yes you have installed the WordPress you have added a brand-new domain name which we have already bought from any hosting website I opt godaddy.com because the domain name they are cheaper so now we are done I guess it will take around to our to update let me go to it as you can see that it will is it not available right now but it will take around to our or maximum 48 hours to update so yes so I suspect we are done for now if you have any query right down on the comment section

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