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How to Add Addon Domain to Hostgator Hosting

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hey guys Hershiser and in this quick video I am registering you how you can add an add-on domain to Hostgator so if you are using a Hostgator baby plan which let you install multiple WordPress site you can install you can add as many as domain as you want so firstly and the premier thing that you need you need to update your appoint server of the domain so probably you must have bought your domain from GoDaddy or shout my domain all you need to do log into your Hostgator panel copy the refer server which is shown here so these are the name server I have simply click on the honour server on my roar my domain this thing revised the refer server over here click on update name server and that’s it now inside your Hostgator control panel click on add-on realms and formerly you are there all it is required to do add include your domain name so I will just simply add my domain name so I don’t need any aid on that case so yep and let me just use the password so don’t bother I will change it so that’s it now it’s all there now I click on lent arena and that’s it my arena has acceded to by my Hostgator account now I can simply go to the fantastico or script installer and invest WordPress on it oh that’s that’s pretty much that’s it if you still have any question related to adding I don’t do me into your Hostgator account feel free to ask me if you like this video click on like and subscribe to my direct for more such updates thank you for watching this is coarse

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