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Home Server Hosting – Should You Do It Or Not?

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what’s up youtube this is LDS reliance today I’m going to start a video serial on do it yourself at home web hosting or server hosting and the pros and cons whether you should get into it whether it’s worth you doing or not there’s various four actually concerns that I’ve come up with that you need to think about before you think about doing hosting a game server or a entanglement server or mail server or whatever at home it’s actually not that hard to do that’s not the consideration here anyone that has various kinds of a can-do attitude that’s this pretty rational could figure it out the main concerns and taking a step back I have 12 years of IT ordeal I’ve also is being done these kind of things as a diversion for for many years and so and I likewise let me show you I too do this on the side and make money I’ve got a server rack now so I kind of know what I’m talking about I’m not an expert there’s probably a lot of beings out there that are smarter than me that do this kind of stuff but I know enough to kind of walk you through the pros and cons of this okay the first consideration is obviously going to be cost there’s a few cases different cost studies number one is do you have the hardware to pull this off to make it cost-effective you’re really not going to want to go out and buy hardware you really want to make various kinds of an old desktop computer like this or maybe you’ve got an old-fashioned residence theater PC or you know kind of a bare-bones server set up like I have in there but you really don’t want to be spending a whole lot of coin on the hardware or this isn’t going to be profitable for you well or cost-effective I should say it’s not going to be profitable no matter what you do the second consideration is going to be electricity I is available in here I have three servers four servers a firewall switch to battery backups an AZ router and so forth and I’ve valued it and it pulls about 300 something watts on a consistent basis now simply you run in one one server extremely a desktop model you’ll be higher consumption than that because these are pretty low power consumption servers so let’s say you’re at 150 watts if you multiply that times 24 hours in a day and then divide it by a thousand that equals three phase six kilowatt hours a day of electricity consumption and depending on where you live in the country that could be anywhere from about 60 pennies to a dollar per day simply in electricity rates okay the last cost consideration is going to be your how you’re going to do the DNS now you can like I doing you can get a static IP address with your with your ISP which is going to be a cost per month frequently I’m paying about five dollars per month per IP address now that’s that’s kind of on the expensive line-up unfortunately I don’t have much of policy options where I live but you can talk to your ISP and ensure what it costs what it would cost to get a static IP address if you don’t have that option you can also sign up for a dynamic DNS service out there I don’t know exactly what they expenditure I think they cost about ten or fifteen bucks a month for a dynamic IP address and basically what that does is it automatically reroutes the DNS traffic to your dwelling dynamic IP address on your such your cable modem in your DSL modem or whatever okay in this office it’s not the smallest room but it’s not the hugest room and this is my work PC this is our family PC it’s on extremely very infrequently in fact it’s off right now but its consideration of the question I want you to think about is if you’ve got a PC guiding 24/7 around the clock you’re going to have heat issues extremely if you’ve got severals like I have my workstation which is pretty beefy and I’ve got three servers and other material in there and so this room gets about four or five units hotter than the rest of the house now it doesn’t bother me a few a whole lot but it’s definitely not something for everyone the final consideration is going to be security now I have a business-class firewall here but the majority of members of you aren’t going to have something like that most of you are going to have this is a verizon fios router the majority of members of you’re going to have something like this just a home gateway router kind thing and that’s not going to be very assure it’s not going to allow you a good deal of protection for your servers and so the problem with that is you’re going to want to make sure you don’t have anything on the server that you care about going spoofed or you know a denial of services that are attempt motiving problems or anything like that and clearly you know if you have some sort of production need for this where it can’t rendered any downtime this is hosting it at home is probably the wrong solution for you okay the last consideration I want you to think about is time precisely because you can do it doesn’t mean that you’re going to be effective and efficient at doing it I used to work at a network hosting busines I’m unusually fluent in DNS and configuring web servers and so on so I do it and it’s not a big deal I invest maybe three or four hours a year administering the servers and it’s profitable in order to be allowed to do that cost effective I “re saying” and I actually make money hosting other people’s websites for them nonetheless if you haven’t done this before and you don’t have a lot of free time this maybe isn’t something that you should consider peculiarly if you can get something for ten or fifteen dollars a month out there as far as a web server or a game server you probably should do that it’s going to save you a great deal of hour it’s going to save you a lot of money again if you don’t have the hardware if you don’t have the electricity cost and you don’t want to deal with the heat and these are all things that you need to consider regardless thanks for watching next time I’ll take you a little bit more in-depth into some some more advanced things but this was kind of the basics the first things you should be thinking about before you get into this thanks for watching

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