[ Music][ Music][ Music] Oh[ Music] in this tutorial I are likely to be demo you how to host multiple domains exploiting one hosting account in GoDaddy add-on disciplines are only available for deluxe and eventual cPanel shared hosting accountings if you want to host a website besides your primary domain name you can use GoDaddy’s cPanel Zaid under main feature start by going to godaddy.com then log in to your note overseer formerly your report sheet has laden click to expand web hosting then next to the hosting account you want to use click Launch this will launch the cPanel in the domains section in the cPanel click Add on disciplines where it says new domain name enter the domain name you want to use do not type in the www fleck the subdomain FTP username will automatically fill in if it is not and to the FTP username you want to use the document root should automatically fill in then enter the ftp password you want to use and type it again to confirm it then click add subject notation supplementing subjects to your cPanel account simultaneously appoints FTP consumers for the domain name this FTP user has access to the domain names document troupe and all its subdirectory so you can upload your website you can check out my video on how to connect to an FTP account server and upload your website materials by sounding here or following the link in the description if you have any problems or questions cast me a theme and I would be glad to help I hope you liked this tutorial please like my videos and subscribe to my direct don’t be afraid to us[ Music] there

pexels photo 267507 - GoDaddy cPanel Addon Domains: Hosting Multiple Domains on One Host.  Add URL Domain Website Hosting

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