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hey guys welcome back to the freedommotivator channel this is Kevin and welcome back to the channel today we’vegot a good video for you now gonna establish you how you can get lifetime hosting fora one-time payment and you just can’t beat it so you don’t want to see this ifthis is your first time here made to ensure that you thumped the subscribe button downthere bottom right and click the buzzer so you know when we post again too be sureto check out my tie-ups at the bottom of the video there in the description areaand you receive my number one recommended business and you can also have clickedlinks there to contact me on social media as well hook up with me onFacebook and Instagram as well there alright so we’ll are quite right back here injust a time and we’ll get right on this and show you I can get some hostingfor a one-time payment for the rest of your life all right thanks welcome back everybodyI’m gonna show you today how you can get hosting for the rest of your life for aone-time payment and the payments pretty low-toned for for what all you get all rightso let’s let’s get right into it without further ado here and got to get right overthere and indicate you here right now the site is lifetime hosting as you cansee here it’s repay once and host forever that’s that’s pretty good a pretty gooddeal and I have an account now with them which is where I host my website atand it is it is very fast consignments very fast and never had any issues with itI’ve been with them for about a month now and it’s very very good some of what they have they have a lotof things now that you can get really with like with any other hosting placethat you get with it and here’s their plans this is a lifetime plan as you cansee the payments reasonably low-spirited I convey if depending on what all you crave for thefor the $80 and you get to you get hosted forever you get up to threewebsites that you can have on your accounting 3 gigabytes of storage you canuse your own domain you can bring in your own domain if you have it or youcan use one of their regions it’s either way there’s an unlimitedamount of subdomains and add-on subjects that you can have only 20 or websitesthen of course the prices go up for depending on what you want and so on andso forth on that but they even have a cheaper strategy down here where you canhost this one website you get 250 originates of storage for which is the cheapest propose they have butstill it’s repay once and calf hosting for the rest of your life I mean you knowit’s incredible you know all other hosting corporations that I’ve dealt withit’s a monthly payment yeah you need to pay yearly or pay monthly and it’s justa monthly pay with now you don’t you don’t have that hassle having to beconcerned about making monthly payments and so on and so on it’s just aone-time payment you’re done that’s it here’s some of what all the plansinclude and this is a cloud-based shared network hosting and enterprise proportion storiesshe got lots of tools and lotions it even come here for bonuses bonus toolsand things that you can add to your website such as WordPress and Joomla andsome of those others and many other tools and trash unlimited subsistence youget a free website developer it’s a cPanel administration for your back officeseries you can administer your website that is also you can hook up an FTPclient to that as well or you dominate they have it – file manager in cPanel ofcourse you can administer your files and things up to your website and whatnotthere but you can also do FTP is also as well but with like core FTP and soon onethat I’m abusing was FileZilla I use FileZilla as mine so you can do you cando all that with it – any come unlimited email histories – with this as I saidit’s gloomed located shadow Linux OS likewise they’ve got different services and stuffyou can get SSL Certificates if you’re concerned about the securityalthough the websites previously secured by their own their own serversbut I have indicated hosting it’s a lifetime registration here are some oftheir their lands that you can get they do a dot co fleck business co fleck youknow financial there’s a lot of different ones you can choose from whatare you like I said you can bring in your own domain also that’s fine tooyou got lifetime priority backup protection for an extra payment theretoo plus you likewise have the ability to backupfrom your your cPanel administration you can backup from there too and thendearly but they talk about wide life-time not hosting it’s just mostly I thinkthat’s the main reason right there your spend once and hosted forever with themand that’s a that’s incredible cope I think to myself oh no about you but Ithink it’s pretty incredible and here’s some comments from other beings andstuff about it and some of appropriate tools and things that you get with it and thenthere contact us but yeah that’s pretty much it what I wanted to show you todaythe pretty incredible site it’s really incredible hosting I’m happy with it sofar I’ve been on it for about a month now see if I could probably record back inlogging in my back office here and testify you a little bit about what it lookslike from the back here’s the back-office right here youget you get different lots of different things here even shows you’re hostingyour disciplines you can be a reseller with them and ons and amends and otherservices their products and services the bonuses like I was saying some of thebonuses you get advertising bonuses here that you can add to your website lots ofdifferent things domain bonuses they even got a thing that you can it’llteach you how to produce traffic to your website to lots of different bonusescoming what’s this hosting one time most pretty incredible stuff I repute comparedto all the other ones I make I used to host with Hostgator a few years backHostgator is pretty good but here again it’s the it’s the incessantly monthlypayment that’s certain advantages with lifetime hosting here it’s just wage onceand you’re done it’s just that simple it’s that simple but no other is plentyof more bonuses you can get teach you how to do different things marketinglist house and all kinds of different things that you can get now partnerbonuses and lots of things there lots of stuff and unadvertised bonuses you canget into different things now this is all added to your account the stuff isall added with it and yeah pretty neat pretty neat neat stuffbut anyways that’s that’s what I wanted to show you today I think you’ll get alot out of this if you have selected lifetime hosting I mean you can’t can’t beat itit’s just unbeatable anywhere on the web this is the this is the place to go ifyou’re you know you don’t want to deal with a monthly payment you want to havegreat service you want to have you know your own website mostly settle one timeand that’s it it’s almost like it’s free it feels like it’s free mostly butthat’s what I wanted to show you today kinfolks admire you coming to thechannel if you haven’t subscribed is moving forward and subscribe there bottom andcome back off and try to post here about three to five times a week to keep youguys motivated and restrain you up and with Woking some how to’s and things likethat so thanks for coming today appreciate it remember to stay drivenstay focused stay persistent in your goals and you’ll reach your success allright thanks a lot everybody


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