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From 0 to 60: HR Innovation at Go Daddy

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what impresses me the most is that our benefactor and CEO are investing and they are aware of the importance of human resources in helping the business raise welcome to expand TV I’m Marcia streets for world-wide at work and today we’re discussing occupation development and performance conduct with HR captains from godaddy Lane Jarvis and Natalie Johnson Lane let’s start with you godaddy is known for employees who are passionate about technological innovation how does HR respond to that well HR has had to respond to that because Go Go Daddy is growing so rapidly and Human Aid has really had to go from zero to 60 we are evolving the human resources and our infrastructure to be able to deliver that technology to the business so that our employees can focus on the business of godaddy and really what we’ve what we’ve done is with our rapid growth in order to support all of our work population in multiple locations and internationally we’ve had to use technology becoming ever more operationally effective and really what the hell is we look to do is look at what our logic is around how we support our employees and what differentiates us as an employer and then we look for technology that’s designed to support that philosophy and in those cases and there have been some where we have not found that in the marketplace we are fortunate that we have really world-class makes at GoDaddy who have actually partnered very strongly with my organization to build those an instrument for us so tell us about some of the areas you have focused your innovation on well we’re really looking at the human resources infrastructure and how that infrastructure is designed to support the business and our ripening hire you know population we have implemented GoDaddy’s firstly human resources management organisation for example currently in the process of implementing Go Daddy’s firstly learning control organisation and we’re looking at integrating all of these sections together so that all the systems can share data and information across the entire organization I understand that you are hiring hundreds of brand-new employees this year actually Marsha it’s probably going to be over a thousand employees this year and what does GoDaddy use to attract all these brand-new works part of it is our career development and focusing on providing development to our employees we’re implementing Go Daddy’s firstly learning control system and this is really what is going to be the the service delivery and how we’re going to push that development out and that curriculum out in 2011 we launched GoDaddy university and the university is actually made up of seven colleges they’re focused on business education about GoDaddy products and services so that our employees understand what it is that godaddy does we focus on management and leadership we even have a college around personal growth where we actually provision trends to our employees on budgeting crediting first-time home buying nutrition fitness topics such as that one of the doctrines that we’re actually acquainting is we’re redesigning our work developing intentions that every employee enlists with their director we’re centre it on various kinds of the 7 2010 perception and that hypothesi is really about seventy percentage of an employee’s development should come from on the job project learning twenty percent should come from feedback whether that’s through instructors instructs your overseer and ten percent should be focused on you know those classroom know-hows that one needs to get to support their development so that’s the godaddy 7 2010 ideology for busines exploitation Natalie that’s turn to you tell us about the compensation philosophy at Go Daddy Go Daddy’s compensation philosophy is based on pay for performance we actually genuinely look to differentiate our top musicians from our non musicians and with our top performers we distinguish their spend during our annual rendition round or our annual quality advances our top musicians historically for the last couple of years have received eight percent quality growths where our non-performers have received zero and we really look to differentiate that elevation of conduct so hires know that they’re being recognized for that added contribution how do you use technology to your pay for performance philosophy actually what the hell is did at GoDaddy was we took our logic and we sat down with our in-house you know best-in-class developers and we actually went through what we would want in in that technology and from that level we just kind of Road delineated what the technology would look like and our developers built it in health customized to our definitions which Natalie was very intimately involved with our developers in and can probably tell more about what that technology looks like yeah actually each manager has a dashboard so they can see there and they can drill down into their all levels of their organization they can see everybody’s you know they can click on it go right to the performance review if they want to review the performance review they can look at a dashboard that will provide them with our normalized distribution so where they’re precipitate against our expected result as an overall group they can see you know what one of the purposes of the approving process it is so we’ve really tried to try to create a tool for directors that it’s a one-stop shop so they can log into this tool they can view it at any time throughout the year even after our act scheduling process and they can go in and you know utilize the data to be able to manage performance for their employees what are some of the other non-cash wages that godaddy applies we actually use some really unique motivations to reinforce our employees within our see hub we do a fund machine so employees can go into the money machine grab cash however much that they grab it’s actually grossed up so they get that as their take home we also tell on ipads we tell on we machines endowment posters all of it is which all of which is grossed up so employees are able to actually get the full value of a payoff and in addition to that we host you know an off-the-hook holiday party and we did it last year in three sites iowa denver and arizona in order to accommodate our different hires in different locations and and our benefactor contributes away millions of dollars at this events and actually this year our CEO is announced recently that he’s sending two of our top musicians to the Super Bowl and speaking of rewards do you assess work involvement what are the results of the animal employee suffer cross-examine we to measure and we expect our employees on an annual basis to provide us with feedback and we ask them questions on a variety of different dimensions you know we’re concerned about you know their leadership and their manager and their work environment their benefits we generally have over ninety percent participation and feedback on these surveys and we come in at 89+% in areas of committed hires so very high levels of engagement among our employees that godaddy well all I can say is congratulations this is a great example of how HR as business partners has contributed to the success apply technology and innovation for a company that’s growing phenomenally worldwide for persona that work I marshal arteries

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