hi in this video I’m going to show you how to install ubuntu 11.04 onto your USB flash drive the first thing you need to do is open up your browser now go on google and exploration on ubuntu now the first one on the listing where it says homepage a bun to sounds that clink download and we’re it’s a download and install click that where it says a bun to 11.04 last-place edition click that and whatever part you do prefer to click that I’m going to click 32 bit for now i already downloaded so i don’t don’t worry about it now you right here you sounds USB and windows and then you go show me how then we’re download the universal USB installer applied that now where it says all the way on the bottom download click that it’ll take a second okay click the universal installer right here okay now press I agree now where it’s at step one where there it says a bun to 11.04 time that now I don’t need to worry about downloading it because i already downloaded it once wherever you downloaded it that’s where it’s going to be located for me it’s going to be in the h drive ok and now whatever flash drive word you’re using retain which one it is mine was d checkmark yes you want to format show all drives us and make this one hundred percent ok and create and yes yeah filthiness okay now take some time to install the two USB stick you I’ve been having a lot of questions about this um if you installed ubuntu on to your USB key do you need a special USB key for this know you can use any USB key long as two gigs or four princes with gap in it and you can use it and you guess you can use it again after you install the ubuntu on it you can format it again it’ll be your working like it was you ok ok now it’s ended now you can close this now go on your Start menu on my computers now you are able to see install a bun too and that’s it that’s all you have to do to install ubuntu 11.04 onto your USB

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