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Domain, Hosting und Theme Installation | WordPress Tutorial 2019 Teil 2 deutsch / german

Domain, Hosting und Theme Installation | WordPress Tutorial 2019 Teil 2 deutsch / german post thumbnail image

Covid-1 9: Vaccination rollout begins for over-7 0s in England – BBC Newshello and therefore welcomed second one of the purposes of my free learn video sequences your own website with wordpress this part is about how to create the technical basis to get a website like this one very originate. that doesn’t mean that now every fineness is essentially direct is generated by but that you have the basis for that close. what do i need for that? I need an address like url or too called land. that you see here and then I have to install wordpress so that wordpress lookings good too for that need design how how to do that here looks then I need another webhosting parcel where virtually the whole so there is now one here too orbit included and with that I is available to implement my website and have the basis for this I gives me great pleasure that we are there today be and let’s go so now let’s begins with the practical part and therefore recommend alfahosting as a web hosting provider but you are eligible to of course with a great deal of others recognise cartons but I am myself alfahosting has been a customer for years and very satisfied with it I don’t recommend this now because I have something for it but I am independent and that was also from the chipping test approved so we’re on locate one because the really overall am so the best are both from price-performance ratio as well as from the move and the patronize and the same applies to the enfold theme so with that I already have different things recognized and am very happy with it and I think so also highly suitable for fledglings and so you can have your own page then implement it well and I’ll show that now too how to do that with the implementation So here you can start with it so there is no database here that’s why you can’t give wordpress with it but with this I can use wordpress then I click on order now then I often have to enter a arena but I can also first ricochet and do that last-minute so ask me now So I’ll do it now with the hop-skip because it can also be that I signify domain will and can only enter last-minute anyway my wordpress website for the first time form them later on the domain move shows how “whos working” even later I am previously a patron here so he testifies me this and I now are of the view that we if you go on then once registered as a client and too be logged in and log in that is did so So at the top of the customer core then you enter the username and password and then you come to the customer core what you acquire most important the authorities have login data than here is the FTP login I got to go to my server somehow can access from outside.This is going to work not just like ordinary home computer that I can access there can should I have to deal with it first connect you also needed access data for the I find here and likewise for them database and for many aims and what i show now require is how easy it is to install wordpress so not the design what you have on pit page but learnt all that previously finished but the basis So here or software then blogs wordpress I click on now installs that doesn’t exist for everyone at almost every house there now and thereby different attitudes nonetheless some is relatively easy i want but the version here disappoints latest have installation on site important i would have my own folder take for each wordpress installation that can be more can be added then that was very do sloppy I must have specified something then that is also important no existing databases to use because yes we are to be able to be that there is something in that the rainwater create a new database I don’t have to look around here now I can take care of all my fellow members here have wrong ones and thereby do that want and it’s as simple as that said likewise to begin the installation takes a little now and then I likewise get my access the necessary data for my wordpress installation gives everything then the public area should everyone investigate the frontend and there is im the private field of the reserve should calmly accompany and I can group there me with the username of now stands that should go through quite well extremely write around the course then there is still the access data for the database you have to now not even so far that they your here then like me on mine website and now I am as bad as they trounce the do dpa – I can lose weight log in watershed everything can still regulate my deepen website and so it regards now a webpage after i got the I merely installed the basic outlook and now I can So simply invite this one take address then “i m saying” dpa – lose weight and so I is available to log in with the data shown here and that doesn’t work for every room of the zoe not so and what now indicate want what happened in the background now So something is losing ground and that’s why I can’t now log in click on now in context log in and then I come to this outline under tools for 1 there are still I realise where I entail different realms and the prove can be in different places folder and I can relocate that here and at the same time was also on pit server this is the highlight what i see here is wordpress like that commonly examines “ive had” the bp notion the subject access data inside i have the wp material ortner that is the only plaza where registers are written in like the team or plugins the are then positioned or likewise media folders are suggested in it and here are the databases now deposited that every command every wordpress copy has a database which referred it and my data saved so now i have this demo sheet and do the same depict dpa – sigh of succour there will be that I now firstly enrolled and what is also important is that you can also be in cape municipality or a small estimate generates five +3 has so much input to prevent automatically can try yourself can log in over automatically login tries or just different try passwords and someday also precisely approximated me to protect in which I still build in cape town or so and now after i got the capital I can log into my website and what else you need So if it use he is now why can be installed with one click in which the browser is appropriate to be need is the design becomes current looks like this and wordpress version that the animal and facility of wordpress is genuinely not a good designing and that’s why others need to draw I have to buy it first for around 60 U.S.Dollar and after I can do that i download this and i have one a certain extent of support so that the latest records get and thus the update can do both wordpress what is not on the internet work is a potential target of criticize by intruders then hence I have to be taken over already that it remains current or only epoches download an updated version and likewise a new one like that after doing this now I bought a word mark now among each other are different register categories with documentation or exactly the associate pdf but what interests me simply wordpress installation files the laden I’m down here now that suggested the moment and the seats defendant the left outlined on my computer I is available to selected them entirely simply install in my message for swine in which i click on design after being logged in then to add on the one entrust I can do a lot free siemens from the internet so I can try that very simply look at me with the preview how it seems with my data in my contributions on both sides but what I want to do now is yes a to install commercial stuff and that is not publicly available that’s why i have to join my squad spread around which I simply downloaded sound upload and now i can select my unit here in zip format and install that with it and thus if you did that with intend by cim that chosen because you really installed there you are able to your about the steam naming that on the one mitt by adapting the slogan stipulate that fermi come both what’s up there and many direct known to create posts pages and that very interesting is one has different designings that one can invest with one click I are also welcome to visualize the lay that would be a bit more complicated I recommend first through the must look and then first get wise when you look sure that was it is which design one is wants this blueprint can also be seen watch demo and there you can look at all these things you have to see what they was like everything is in my demo directory in here is what i get with one click position as you can see here click.to import proscribe still for what I have to have that positioned and that doesn’t work either and here I should however one is already unusually very many different motifs of this high quality are that I can use with one click could just watch you guys like and then install and then you have your own website examinations a lot more like that do not mind this perfectly but then “weve already” much further and the next tory I’ll show you how to go in this website announces like you can set up the workshop these machines preparing here understands and manipulates and so to speak step by step to his website the one who later looks like this and me I am happy that we keep working and up next time

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