The 7 Best Web Hosting For UK Websites in 2021 (GDPR Compliant & FAST!)

If youre wondering which web hosting service is best for the UK, youve sounded on the right video Hello, my appoint is Elliot, and this is Bitcatcha Dont go anywhere! With all this tosh about the whole Brexit and General Data Protection Rule fiasco( or GDPR ), looking for a good entanglement emcee for the UK has become needlessly involved Pick one that doesnt comply with GDPR and youll be swiped with one very ugly fine Select one thats compliant to the law but not to Core Web Vitals, and your website might end up on the wrong aspiration of Google research Finding the excellent one is quite tricky and can be time waster of epic ratios But we did all the research, so you can select the best one for you without consuming any of your cherished go So causes trimmed the doo doo and get to the reason why youre watching this video in the first place: Now are the 7 best network hosting providers for the UK! No. 1 SiteGround The floors are true and we can confirm it, SiteGround cements their blot as our no. 1 with their high-speed services and solid planned of aspects Their strategies come equipped with batch of speed-boosting benefits; SSD, Cloudflare CDN, PHP7 reinforcement, Supercacher, the works Its manufactured even better with their move to the Google Cloud Platform, so we can all reap the benefits of their cutting edge tech But talk is cheap and we know it, so makes look at the data derived from our server rapidity evaluations reaction Our test site hosted on their Europe data center performed incredibly fast, simply 148.7 ms Pings from our London node came back insanely faster merely 4ms, proving that SiteGround is indeed an A+ ranked host With an uptime guarantee, free SSL, AI solutions to fend off those annoying bots, AND being fully GDPR compliant since 2018, SiteGround is perfect for all sorts of gatherings in the UK and likewise around the world Their Growbig plan starts at simply 7.99 pounds a month It is not the cheapest, but we feel its well worth the expenditure There are the best premium, all-purpose host around! 2. Hostinger The one thing that clears Hostinger stand out from the rest of the competition is their price Theyre just so dang cheap! Theyve get 2 data centre in Europe; One in UK and one in Netherlands Our test site so happened to be the one in Netherlands but the hurries still managed to blow us away! They orchestrated a global average of 165 ms, and just 54 ms in London Thats merely 50 ms slower than SiteGround, and itll probably be a lot much closer if you picked the data center in the UK Users get to enjoy a 99.9% uptime guarantee, a Bitninja security suite, and the pleasure of using their hpanel dashboard Youll too receive free SSL with their business hosting scheme Sure, they might be missing particular pieces, like CDN and daily backups, But at less than a pound a month for their single shared hosting plan, one cant actually complain If youre certainly feeling fancy, you can go for their premium strategy, which provided free of charge whopping 2 pounds and 15 cent a month Note these expenditures are only available with a 48 -month contract Some may not like being confined down for so long, but to me, its a give and take situation In this case, theyre giving me low prices, and im making it Hostinger gives you great value for what you pay, and is a great option for anyone on a fund! 3. Kinsta If there was a phrase we could use to describe Kinsta, it “wouldve been”: The Bees Knees Theyre quite similar to our favourite provider, SiteGround Theyre both Managed WordPress multitudes, both are built on the Google Cloud architecture, and both have ridiculously fast quickened Our Kinsta test site is hosted on their UK server on their Starter shared hosting scheme, and we were pleased with the results 179.5 ms world-wide norm and simply 10 ms in London! You wont have to worry about speed if targeting crowd in the UK But youre pandering to populaces in other locations, you can just pick from any of Kinstas 20 data centers located all around the world! As for being GDPR compliant, Kinsta becomes that is beyond whats needed, even constructing their own WordPress cookie consent plugin which helps websites guarantee law compliance The only reason why theyre not further up this list is because of their cost with fee business, come fee price tags Kinstas works commencing from a hefty 20 quid a month, which can be quite damaging to the wallet Having said that, if youre looking for premium service and expert WordPress support, then Kinsta would be a great fit! No. 4 – A2 Hosting A2 Hosting has always been known for their unlimited features and speedy Turbo servers They dont have a data center in the UK, so we set up a test site hosted on their closest one, the whole way in Amsterdam Its clear that A2 is another A+ ranked multitude, with a world average of 169.5 ms! Arises from London came back at a exceedingly speedy 19 ms which is mighty impressive, considering the distance! At exclusively 8.52 a few months for their Turbo plan, youll get to enjoy a entire multitude of unlimited boasts, like websites, emails, data transfers, and more! Heck, you wont even need to pay extra for SSL! They even have an easy option to request a Data Protection Agreement, which is great for GDPR compliance If youre looking to host multiple sites, youll enjoy the benefits offered by A2 Hosting Theyre a fast, feature-rich web hosting mixture! No. 5. Scalahosting At number 5 is Scalahosting, with their superior rendition and feature-packed provides! They only have 2 data centers, one in Dallas USA, the other one in Bulgaria Europe They dont have any data centers in the UK, but theyre still plenty fast as proven by the speed test result At 158.7 ms world average, Scala is a A+ ranked emcee Pinged from London came back pretty damn fast very despite the interval at exclusively 43 ms, which is more than enough to satisfy all core entanglement vital requirements! Starting from exclusively 6.40 a month, youll get a free migration, free domains, SSL, CDN, and 7-day automatic backup, and a whole lot more Its a shame that Scalas shared hosting means doesn’t come with SSD storage If they did, wed probably rank them higher on this list No. 6 GreenGeeks Greengeeks is perhaps the only web hosting provider out there which is a 300% lettuce legion By hosting with them, youll be indirectly building the world a greener sit We once have a test site hosted on their Canadian data centre, and the results from it are…not the most wonderful, but still fast enough Their global median is 178.6 ms, constituting them A+ graded legion, but quickened from London came back at 191 ms Nonetheless, be borne in mind that our experiment place is located all the way in Canada If you picked their UK data center, youll probably ascertain much better ensues At a merely 3.69 pounds a few months, for their entry-level shared hosting hope comes you get unlimited SSD, network opening& data transfer Top that off with a strong security suite, php7 and http3 endorsement, GreenGeeks is an excellent choice, extremely if youre environmentally conscious No7. Bluehost Last but not least, Bluehost reaches it on the roster with their feature compressed shared hosting programs Out of all the providers peculiarity now, bluehost is probably the slowest but still consider fairly fast Theyre an A+ ranked multitude with a world-wide average of 153 ms, but pings from london only yielded 183 ms Nonetheless, they ARE a WordPress recommended legion, which means that theyve went full-time WordPress CORE development designers in their support team, all ready to assist you Theyll likewise be able to help you in fulfilling any GDPR pertained requirements Their Basic shared hosting designs include 50 GB SSD Storage, unmetered bandwidth and free SSL at merely 4.08 pounds a month Not bad at all, except for the fact that theyve only got 1 data center, and zero uptime Guarantee Final Thoughts SiteGround is obviously our select as the best web hosting companionship to target UK audiences with WordPress recommended, hosted on the Google Cloud Platform, Superb speeds, excellent subsistence and amply GDPR compliant, were relatively damn sure that the produce sells itself However, whether or not it’s the best for your business, depends entirely on your needs and preferences If youre gonna do your own research for the best web hosting companionships in the UK, make sure to keep an eye out for these things: Make sure theyre GDPR compliant Make sure their servers fulfill Core Web Vital and make sure theyre fast where your audience is Thats it for now folks, If you like our material, consider subscribing and pay that like button a good solid kick in the face My name is Elliot from Bitcatcha, armistice

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How To Change Webhosts, Move Your WordPress Websites, Emails, & Migrate All Your Data

Welcome back for another video my honour isAdam from WPCrafter where I spawn videos for non-techies now in this video I will showyou how you can move from one web hosting provider to a different network hosting providernow if you been following my canal for anytime you know that I strongly just going with inmotion hosting in fact I’ll have a link to InMotion hosting down below and you too probablyknow that when you do sign up through InMotion hosting through my tie-up you get a bigger discountthan what you see here and I also give you access to my give direction library completelyfor free so but that’s not what this is a matter of is about how to transfer from one web hostto aid another web emcee now there’s two parts to this there is the first question is whereare your domain names registered your website specifies now some people don’t realize you couldhave that at one company in your web hosting at a different firm and that’s totallyfine so that’s one patch of the problem and the other piece of the perplex is all yourexisting stuff all your existing websites and email configurations or whatever you havegoing on with your existing network multitude coming all of that moved across now with your domainnames if you’re just moving from one multitude to another for the hosting back of your websiteyou can leave your domain names at the age-old legion if that’s where they are or you can easilytransfer your domain names anywhere you want to transfer them to you don’t have to havethem with your network host in fact I don’t have them with my network emcee this channel I can be moremobile when it comes to web legions so I cross-file all of my domain names @awebsitecallednamecheap. comalso kept a tie-up download refer or some people use Go Daddy now those companiesalso sell entanglement hosting but I don’t like to user hosting is I don’t find them quite asgood I’ve had an excellent experience with in motion now with InMotion and particularlyone of their cable items when you’re looking at their boasts is they have a no downtimewebsite commit in what this conveys is there to transfer everything for you but it’s limitedto three transmits and what that conveys is three websites or other three databases orsomething like that are also was called three cPanel accounts now the thing we have workingin our indulgence when moving from one web legion to another web multitude is that pretty much thestandard industry control panel for all web legions is called cPanel now host gator hascPanel off-color legion has cPanel I patient has cPanel all these big names they have somethingcalled the cPanel and in motion is using cPanel as well what you need to do to my move fromone web host to another is as simple as coming a backup of your cPanel account now lots ofcPanel accounts that you you might have with the various hosts there’s can be a backupoption in there to generate a full backup and all you have to do is generate a backupdownload the back of your computer uploaded to the new web host and send them a ticketsaying hey I put the backup on my accounting are you able reinstate that backup and it’s as simpleas that once that’s done that’s can move all your websites all your databases all youremail configurations all of that in one file move it right across and that is the fastestand most efficient way of doing it specially here with in motion if you request the transfersometimes I get a little backlogged and if you say I want to transfer here’s my cPanellogin than what they’ve got to do as they vanish login impel that backup uploaded and allthat in they get a little bit of a backlog oath might take a marry epoches now if you wantit done a lot faster you can go to your host you can get this backup if it’s not obvioushow to generated him to show you how to generate one but if it’s not self-evident with your hostyou can ask them hey can I get a backup of my cPanel account and they’ll generate a backupand give you a link to download it and then once you’ve downloaded it all you have todo is upload it to the new host so we show you how to do that so the scroll up now andhere is where I’m logged in with in motion and there’s an option here to go into my cPanelaccount now no matter where your host is your probably entering into your cPanel accountyou know the login you know the link and all that various kinds of stuff to log in now is in motionthis is the pretty much the default look at the cPanel some of the different hosting providerswill have a different look to it because you can actually choose how it will ogle so thisis how it is within motion but I can change to single paper torch and I go like thatand it’s good to have these types of a more modern fresh look to it but it’s the samething it’s just an updated interface so right here you can click on backup or what I liketo do is just click on backup wizard so let’s go ahead and click on the backup witch rightnow so it takes you here and there’s just a pair steps to creating this backup firstthing we do is we click on the backup button and then it’s good to take us to step twoand then you want to click on full backup so let’s click on full backup right now andthen it’s good to take me to step three so right here it’s saying where do you want usto settled this back up and then it’s gonna say where do you want us to notify you of thisbackups completed and ready to download and this is where you merely pop in your email addressso you can leave this is the home directory that’s what I would do and then go ahead righthere in put in your email address click on generate backup and then it might take dependingon your host might take a minute and likewise will vary depending on how large-scale the documents can be my takea minute it might take 10 hours it might make 30 times but you’ll get an email notificationwhen it’s ready to download and then all you have to do is download this backup so I’mactually not to do the backup because I don’t want to generate one right now I’m to go backhere now what you want to do is when you have that back up so if you’re your moving doingmotion from multitude gator off-color host or I page Go Daddy whatever host it is when you’re movingto in motion now what you want to do is click on paroles is file administrator in the Morgan andnow upload this backup to in motion city click on file administrators can take you now and iscan immediately put you in was called the home directory and then when you’re here allyou have to do is click on this upload button and then you can drag-and-drop that backupfile right here and then it’s been uploaded so the upload restriction though is one gigabyteso if you’re not familiar with sizes and if it’s 1 GB or less you are eligible to firstly try to uploadit and then if it errors out you know your records greater than 1 GB and then you have toupload it through something announced FTP now uploading it through FTP is just a littlebit more complicated regrettably perhaps I’ll save that for another video on how to FTPinto your website but most people there cPanel accounts are to be under a gigabit in sizeand you can easily upload it this course and then what you do want you uploaded it allyou have to do is contact in motion through a assist ticket or whatever web host youhave and say I just uploaded my cPanel backup it’s in the home directory are you able restoreit for me and usually I know within motion don’t recover it within for me it was usuallywithin four hours they haven’t amply regenerated so instead of waiting for them to go and loginto the old emcee produce the back of download and upload it and restore it your section andout like three power of the work in doing it for them were all they have to do is restoredso it happens a lot quicker you don’t have to wait in that long queue maybe 34567 dayswhen someone has the time to go in there and do all these steps for you you can insteaddo it this highway in it intent up being a whole lot faster and this is how you can move andmigrate from one network legion to another entanglement announce it’s a real simple process and that’s whyyou always want to use a network hosting provider that is using cPanel because it represents it reallyeasy to move around if you needed to move around so anyways that’s all there is in thisvideo to migrating from one network host to aid another web emcee and a some of these technicalthings been a bit complicated like rendering a backup all you have to do is ask your oldJos ‘ e9 can you give me a backup and they’ll do it for you I’ve done that before so thatcuts out a little of the techie type of work out but then you still will need to uploadit to the new provider so before you go I have something for you and before I get intothat I wanted to ask you to do something for me to give me a thumbs up on this video andif you’re not a subscriber click on the subscribe button right beneath me if you have a questionon this video be happy to answer and you can also leave a comment or question down belowthis video hey I put together a course just for you and I’m in a given to you for freeall you have to do is click on the button right here on the right is called the threesteps to WordPress success is an awesome course you’re gonna love it I would love for youto join in and enroll as a student in this course stimulates for watching this video I reallyappreciated and I do it just for you

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Hosting a static web app on Google Cloud using GCS

therefore welcomed get cooking in gloom where we share the best recipes to apply in your cloud kitchen I am Priyanka Vergara and in this episode we will talk about creating static websites on Google cloud let’s say you’re a small company looking to set up a basic network proximity you don’t expect a lot of traffic and don’t want to pay a lot to get up and online so let’s walk through how to start small-minded deploying a static website static web pages can contain client-side technologies such as HTML CSS and JavaScript they cannot contain dynamic content such as server-side scripts like PHP before you begin make sure that you have a google mas programme developed a billing note set up and you have a domain that you own or oversee this should be your top-level domain to verify that you finagle the domain check the link in the specific characteristics below now that you’ve included the logistics there are four steps to setup static websites the first step is to connect your subject to Google Cloud storage to do that create a cname record that points to CDOT storage Google API is calm the second stair is to create a Google Cloud storage bucket to do this browse to the Google Cloud console click on gloom storage and sound organize pail make sure the bucket identify equals the cname you created for your discipline in such cases the storage bucket is advisable to mentioned the third stair is to upload the records you crave your website to serve you can do this in one of two ways firstly by instantly uploading the documents applying the Google cloud console or second by abusing gsutil require cable which is great for when you have an existing website once the data are uploaded accessing them is going to be based on how you choose to share your files if you adjust the permission at the bucket statu you can easily and quickly conclude every file for your area publicly for finer switch you can choose to set the permission at the objective elevation so that merely specific registers are accessible through your website at this target you have a functioning static website and you could call it a period but we recommend naming an indicator page suffix and a practice mistake page to better leader your users this helps in situations when a used might request your URL but you do not have an Associated file with that word in your bucket in our pattern when there isn’t a register identified Apple cloud storage will attempt to serve an indexed our HTML if that datum also doesn’t exist mas storage will return an error page with the 404 response now the fourth and final step is to test our static web site verify that the content is served from the bucket by request the domain name in a browser one important thing to note here is that Google Cloud Storage exclusively patronage HTTP in order to serve HTTPS and get all the security goodness you need to either abuse steer your eyes abusing a cname redirect or move to using a consignment balancer as a front-end so today we learned how to start big and deploy a static website on Google cloud platform we exploited Google Cloud Storage to host the static content and targeted the domain name to the storage bucket that’s all for today on do cooking in cloud here’s hoping you can whip up something great join us next time because we will share the recipe to host websites on administer scaffold vapour led if you like this video then check out our first occurrence as well and to see more such content don’t forget to Like and subscribe to our Channel you[ Music][ Applause][ Music]

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Bluehost Review – Why Would You Choose For Your Website?

bluehost is a famed refer in the hosting world but let’s see if their vogue is deserved what their pros and cons are and how much it really costs to use welcome to where we help you find the best hosting service for your website[ Applause] if you’re familiar with the refer bluehost it’s probably for two reasons one they are recommended by wordpress as a top emcee two they are part of a beings conglomerate announced eig which explains how they host 2 million websites but that vogue doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best hosting provider for you so let’s first see if their tolls are good value or not the bluehost schemes all include unlimited bandwidth and at least one free region for one year they come in four kinds of spices basic is in the interests of one website and one province you can store up to 50 gigabytes which is pretty charitable plus are similar but with boundless websites domains email details and storage alternative plus are similar as plus with an extra backup feature which i’ll discuss in the security section later on finally pro gives you higher server concert and bigger databases be kept in mind that even if it says unlimited each tier comes with a maximum extent of documents you can host the limit is very high and mostly to stop file sharing websites now the main thing to keep an eye on are the renewal premiums the first expression is always cheaper but expect to pay up to 50 percent more thereafter you’ll too have to pay the term year in one go so multiply every price you see here by 12 24 or 36 to get started note that i’ll exclusively be looking at shared hosting programmes in this video but bluehost also has more advanced plans for power users like vps or dedicated servers[ Applause] bluehost proposals a pleasant used knowledge with easy piloting and clear menus my merely qualm here is the number of things they’re trying to sell to you all the time really look at this page most of it is ads in fact you always have to stay vigilant around bluehost because their upselling aims are everywhere even when you sign up aside from that their cpanel which was updated in 2019 is nice and easy to use so well done to the design team as you can expect it lets you manage all the registers on your area which you can upload via ftp or secure ftp on your main account there’s also over 100 apps you can install including drupal joomla and magento amongst others let’s see how to install wordpress with bluehost for a long time bluehost was the only provider that let you do a one-click install of wordpress many more providers offer it these days but it still jobs immense now only make sure you remove any unwanted plugins once you’re done bluehost merely organizes three regular backups of your locate one daily weekly and monthly i’ll be honest it’s not really enough to feel safe if it is necessary to more peace of mind you can purchase their site backup pro add-on in terms of security nonetheless bluehost does well offering sftp as previously mentioned as well as php 7 http 2 and a free ssl certificate via let’s encrypt with every intention and bluehost also offers a assortment of paid add-ons you most probably don’t need we ran in-depth performance measures of the most famous website hosting providers and i have to say bluehost is a bit of a mixed bag in terms of uptime no problem the websites we researched were live over 99.95 percent of the time which is okay be aware that unlike other providers bluehost doesn’t offer an uptime guarantee rapidity upshots were a bit more concerning with an average rate of 3.32 seconds to laden this situate them far behind many other providers and behind the three seconds recommended by google i’ll note here that they only have one known location for their servers based near the company headquarters in utah in the united states that could be an issue for some consumers bluehost subsidize regrettably is also a member of the company’s shortcomings you can contact them via live schmooze and phone but i often met myself waiting for 20 minutes or more and the answers were hastened[ Applause] so bluehost worth it for hosting your website or not let’s start with the pros if your website is working with ponderous records like video the unlimited storage and unmetered bandwidth could help you save money the uptime is not bad so your website won’t be down all the time the prices for the first year are ridiculously low but they do soar after 12 months but in spite of these benefits i would probably recommend looking at other providers here’s why bluehost carry is probably one of the worst i’ve had to deal with it can get frustrating trying to avoid accidentally buying additional produces from them a bit like when you buy a plane ticket with a low-cost airline if you want to feel safe and secure you’ll need to purchase an extra backup add-on the page loading quicken “ve been a little” fretting for me extremely if you want to rank high-pitched with search engines so there you have it want better recommendations a little confused one piece leave a comment below[ Applause] you

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