Lee Web Hosting – Hosting Providers Agency Best Hosting For Videos 🔥Videos को कहा Host क्या करना चाहिए 🤔

Best Hosting For Videos 🔥Videos को कहा Host क्या करना चाहिए 🤔

Best Hosting For Videos 🔥Videos को कहा Host क्या करना चाहिए 🤔 post thumbnail image

Today we will talk about the websites and hosting services that are good for video hosting Hi Guys, My Name is Kripesh Adwani Here I help you in taking better software obtaining decision So the most frequent question that is been asked from me, related to hosting is that Where we should place the video data, which hosting is best for uploading videos for video status app I have to make a downloadable website I have to make a streamable website, which hosting would be preferable for it So I will let you know the answers to these questions Whether we should take Siteground, Hostinger or Cloudways, which hosting would be better So the answer is , nothing of them Understand the basics concepts first High bandwidth data which is related to the video, or image downloading website Or a website which has a streamable material, For all these, objective storage is exerted Object storage is used for many other purposes likes archives and backups, and many other uses Today we will keep the main focus of it on the hosting All the high bandwidth material is stored under the objective storage Can we use the normal shared hosting For starting , regular plans can be used I have also applied the normal plans for most of the websites Unless you have a very high traffic, you can use it You can take high-pitched rank proposals as on hostinger you will have to take the mas starter projects, if you are going onto Bigrock then you will have to take their vapour hosting strategies You will have to move on to the high-pitched rank strategies, as the other programs won’t is in favour of high-pitched bandwidth part If you are getting less traffic, you are able to survive here on these hostings But when your bandwidth starts to increase and they start consuming higher bandwidth In that case, you will have to shift towards object storage There’s a recreation actuality Harmonizing to the Shared Hosting T& Cs, all your video data and downloadable material can’t be saved as it violates the policy In the starting no one revokes, But as soon your traffic increases they start telling you that you are consuming more bandwidth At first, you can use it but after some time, when your traffic would rise, then, in that case, you will require the object storage You can access web storage, through the web interface, let me clear this with certain examples Amazon S3, Digital Ocean also has a storage space Linode storage S3 compatible These are the 3 main options I will recommend you all to start with Digital Ocean It’s easy to use, the government has good pricing and you get a Free CDN Your object storage are only available from all around the world in case of quicken If you will go by the links mentioned in the description, you will get a $ 100 approval, which you can use for the next 60 daytimes So you can try it for the next 60 epoches Its pricing starts from$ 5 which has a 1TB Outbound transfer and you can upload unlimited content I think it is a good thing for fledglings because they get free bandwidth and free CDN You can use it and try it for a $100 recognition You are also welcome to ameliorate it as per your bandwidth consumption Talking about its Live Demo I has generated Digital Ocean Room Then you can upload your records and then you can get seats and add its links to wherever you want to set them For sample, This is my 60 min video, I have got its URL as soon as I have uploaded it Now this URL can be downloaded and is likely to be pasted I can exactly instantly share this video You can see the name of the video “kpdemo.sgp1” as my servers are from Singapore I haven’t abused any sort of CDN because I didn’t have its requirement So you can change its call and put your domain name, which is possible Suppose I have to upload a datum and I have selected its datum I “re going to have to” introduced it as private and public, If I require its attach, I would have to make it public and then it would start uploading In the same way, I can upload idols, you would get its link, which you can upload in the app or the website If I have a wallpaper website, I get countless useds, in that case, you can use it So you have uploaded the wallpapers, and then you have shared its connections You are also welcome to upload high-resolution files of 5MB or 10 MB So the video is uploading, and by Clicking on the More option, you can change its provides So here’s the link and we will visit it and then, the link is displayed here The video in the link has started playing in the Tab So in this manner, S3 Storage makes, and it’s easy Same in Linode, you can also click on the start option, where you can go to object storage and click on “Add Bucket” I entered the call and further details and then I have submitted it, in this manner the objective storage is created It will create a body, where I can download, upload and all the permissions would be there It will the same in Linode, there would be some minor modifies, You will have to go through the documentation, to find out as to how it toils Upload, Download, and dispensations determines, so there would be a slight learning process In the same way, Amazon S3 Bucket is here with the honour “kpdemo2” Now if I want to delete it If I have uploaded a video, and its tie-in is visible, and I can share its relate wherever I miss So the S3 Bucket works in this manner Amazon S3 Bucket can be a bit complicated for the beginners so I recommend Digital Ocean for them It’s also good for the advanced useds so, it is not possible to major difficulty with it I can also upload a thumbnail, Go through the permissions option Go through specific permissions, which you would have to learn a bit You can upload it, So here’s my thumbnail So this is how it occupations I recommend you start with Digital Ocean, its join and its credit is in the specific characteristics You will likewise get recognitions for Linode, if you go to the link below and you will get ascribes for it It’s easy, as you will have to read it and understand it You will have to watch tutorial videos, as to how you can create seats and finagle dispensations So there is an existence of a slight memorize bow, you will have to look towards it If you are developing an app, then you all must know this much basics If you can’t do it, then you can hire a make, which can easily set up this for you Its documentation is easy to read and it is very easy to implement So I hope all your embarrassments are clear by now All the websites and the App codes can be kept on any shared or administered hostings Either on Siteground, Hostinger, A2 or Cloudways There it will have your website and the systems, All your video assets, idol resources, and all the downloadable resources can be kept on the objective storage I recommend you start with Digital Ocean, its tie-up are now in the description Try it you get a $ 100 credit You will likewise find a connection for the Linode, its $100 credit is also available, if you sign up from that link There are many purposes, but we have only talked about video hosting LIKE and SUBSCRIBE to this CHANNEL

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