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Best Hosting for multiple WordPress sites (2020)

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Hi there i’m Anna, the how to girl at 10 Weba controlled WordPress hosting platform powered by google shadow in this video we aregoing to talk about the three best hosting providers for a variou websiteand then we’ll try to understand which one fits best your needs andrequirements for more astonishing videos like this subscribe to our YouTubechannel and smacked the buzzer button to receive notifications each time we postsomething new we will guide you through your WordPress journey on the technicalside hosting several WordPress websites is not that big-hearted of a dealhowever maintaining them and managing them is a huge headache that is why youwant to make sure to choose the perfect WordPress hosting for this here is someimportant points that you need to pay attention to when choosing a host forhosting variou WordPress websites the first one is backup system structurethe second one is security ingredients the third one is hosting infrastructurethe fourth one is pricing and the features that it has and the fifth onewould be the added factors that the hosting provider offers remember youneed to choose a hosting provider that will satisfy all these five requirementsnow let me help you choose one 10 Web is the first hosting platform on our register as Ialready mentioned 10 Web is a managed WordPress hosting platform powered by googlecloud and it solves all the potential troubles that you can face with sharedhosting as you know the shared hosting have a lot of handicaps includingdata fraud for security acceleration the questions and just much more but with thehelp of 10 Web succeeded WP hosting platform you can forget about all theproblems that you will face with shared hosting. 10 Web was founded in 2017 and itis a disorderly outsider to the world of coped WP hostings now let’s talkabout its infrastructure which was our first components of the most importantthings that you need to pay attention to when choosing a host epoch is powered byGoogle cloud means that any website hosted at 10 Web will be super fast andsecure your website will be hosted on the last generation of high-performingservers and optimal hardware configurations we are currently do every possiblething in order to better to lower the length between the server server and user datatransfer and for that we give you the chance to choose data center from 8available places on four continents and the fact you can use the powers ofGoogle clouds means that your website will have 99.99% uptime super securityand high-performing infrastructure any website created using 10 Webtemplates or migrated to 10Web will get a Google PageSpeed score of 95 plusyou can test it out for yourself exercising your 14 -day free trial at 10 Web.io now let’s move on to the next ingredient which is pricingnow parties generally choose shared emcee things instead of organized WP hostingbecause shared hostings are a lot cheaper nonetheless 10 Web has solvedthat question and now you can get managed wordpress hosting at the priceof shared hosting at 10 Web hosting one website will cost you ten dollars permonth nonetheless if you host 10 or more websites it’ll become$ 6 per website permonth the features for multiple WordPress websites that you get with ourpricing include things like caching stage environment, free SSLcertificate and a lot more you can check everything out at 10 Web.io.You can also use a make on top ofElementor to nip your website nonetheless you likenow let’s move on to the next component which is security. 10 Web is specializedin providing security services to WordPress useds specific now with1 0web you will get built-in login limiteds searching of changed filesand vulnerabilities, fixing of hacked websites andscanning of them as well with the help of 10 Web security service you canscan your website for further information regarding a safety problems, SQL injectionsand vulnerabilities now let’s move on to the next factor which is backup. 10 Web’s backup service performs a real-time differential backup which intends itautomatically does a full backup of your website and saves merely the changes thatwere made after the last full backup now all these backups are saved in verysecure AWS s3 storage so nothing will happen to the backups andnothing will happen to your website’s performance as well also all the backupsare saved in the 1000 extents from where you can restore it any of them that youlike now as you remember the next ingredient that we needed to payattention to when it comes to choosing a host for multiple websites is additionalcomponents now the added factors that 10 Web has to offer includethings like resilience all-in-one dashboard and multi-site now let’s gothrough each one of them and explain why they’re important starting with the onlyone dashboard now when you have 10 websites and you need to maintainand manage them all it’s ten times more difficult as duration downing that is whywith the help of our 10 Web dashboard you’ll be able to update yourcore plug-ins and themes and run security examinations and perform SEO tasksusing our all-in-one dashboard which is pretty simple and intuitive the next oneis resilience if your website suddenly has a certain traffic search then inthose cases you are going to need more resources to your website than whatyou’ve already obtained with the help of our resilience your resources thatare given to your website will automatically scale and you will notneed to worry about upgrading your plan for getting more resources you simply needto pay for these additional resources and at the end of money month.The alternative ofmultisites is the next one which how causes you finagle different types of websitesusing one dashboard you will be able to use a shared plugins and themes and etcand using exclusively one dashboard too the option of multi-site will help you savea lot of time and resources for handling all these websites GreenGeeks is thenumber two hosting platform on our directory as you can guess from the specify GreenGeeks is a friendly hosting company it was founded in 2008 and is famous forhaving three main value hypothesis who the hell is Us-based customer support fastweb performance as well as environmentally friendly platform ontheir website they claimed that more than 615,000 kilowatt hours per annum ofenergy is being replaced with wind energy too they render a WordPresshosting shared hosting VPS and reseller hosting now let’s talk about theinfrastructure of GreenGeeks.At GreenGeeks they offermultiple data center locations which are located in Chicago Montreal Amsterdamand Phoenix nonetheless all of these places are is impossible to host specifictypes of host things for example Chicago legions every type of hosting but anAmsterdam you can only host share hosting and resellers as they say their data centersare gave with invoked floorings, 24/7 defence a burn suppressors and waterdetectors in order to ensure that their clients data is being collected and is safeand secure GreenGeeks uses the latest generationprocessors from Intel and juniper and Cisco for system switching routingtheir servers are based on supermicro rack mountable servers and are poweredby the power efficient processors created byIntel now let’s move on to the pricing the prices aren’t too expensive atGreenGeeks you can host multiple websites now use the pro or premiumplan which will cost you about 14.95 per month the features that “re coming with” thepricing included things like unlimited network seat unlimited website andone click WordPress install now let’s move on to the security services offeredby GreenGeeks. now the security options that you get with GreenGeeksinclude things like insurance scanning and observation and blocking up knownvulnerabilities and there is DDoS protection and brute force attackprotection then your hosting chronicle will be isolated which means that itwill not conflict with the other websites hosted on the same server andthere is automatic updates so your core will be up-to-date all the time and nowlet’s move on to backups at GreenGeeks they play daily trouble recoverybackups and they keep it for 24 hours and then replace it within your versionof the backup if you want to restore any version of your backup GreenGeeks youcan do it for free once a month however if you want to do it anadditional one you will have to pay added $25. The additional ingredients that you get with GreenGeeks include things like ninety nine percentuptime 24/7 subscribe through schmoozes live conversations and phone calls. However, they have specific hours for the phone calls, so you have to check up on thatalso the government has 30 day fund back guaranteelet’s we want to Bluehost Bluehost is the third and final hosting platform that we’vechosen for our video today so Bluehost was founded in 2003 and is one of theleading web hosting programmes today Bluehost offers variou types ofhosting such as shared hostings, VPS hostings, dedicated hostingwordpress hosting, and WooCommerce hosting they too volunteer free SSL and CDN and a lot moreyou can go ahead and check out their website for more informationnow they actively promote their partnership with WordPress and they’realso one of the purposes of the EIG corporations now let’s talk about the infrastructure of Bluehost.Bluehost servers operating on modern solid-state driveshowever exclusively a few years ago they were feeing on HDDS multi server managementlets you succeed all your shared hosting assistances from one lieu access controllets you create passwords for a restricting to certain areas of yourwebsite for example you can restrict the area of the cPanel and dedicated hostingso one person would go for that the other well it can be for theinformation of money and ownership and one lord password for the wholeaccount the next one is CDN. Cloudfare is directly built into your account andCDN automatically increases the website’s act. Advancedcapabilities include things like SSH access as well as an SSL certificatewhich is powered by Let’s Encrypt which will allow you to protect all yoursensitive knowledge now let’s move on to the pricing now Bluehost positionsitself as one of “the worlds largest” cheap WordPress hosting providers now twohosting options they project that you can choose for several WordPress hostthings can be a plus and choice plus and the prices are 10.99 and 14.99 respectively for those means the features that come with this planspecifically include things like unlimited websites unmerited SSD storagefree domain for one year and a lot more you can check out their website for moreinformation now let’s talk about the security ofBluehost the security of Bluehost is excellent and they have three beds ofanti-spam protection these are spam expert spam cameras andApache SpamAssassin likewise all the directories of the websiteare password protected another amazing peculiarity that Bluehost offers is the SSHaccess which gives you access to configuring and protecting individualfiles separately now another thing is that if you want to block someone’saccess to your website you can really do that by bar there IP addressesBluehost also offers a single click integration with CloudFlare which isjust augments the security of your website even more it builds your websiteperform a lot better and it’s precisely going to prevent DDoS attacksin terms of backup most offers to you courtesy backups at their discretionso you as a user would go to the cPanel and form your manual backups they aregoing to be accumulated for 30 dates and then their group to be replaced with the next3 0 day backups so if you as a used have the responsibility to download thesebackups and keep them somewhere safe so that you do not lose them if you need them inthe future also one thing you need to keep in mind with Bluehost isthat they do not provide automated backups for websites over 30 gigabytesof storage cavity so if you need an automatic backups you would betterchoose finagled WP hostings.the added ingredients that is offered by Bluehostinclude things like SEO assistances, PPC services and migration business now as you seeit is 100% possible to make all your websites on one hosting but if you’restill skeptical about this idea you can totally go ahead and check the 14 Day Free trial of 10 Web and experiment it out for your websites if you likethis video and are looking forward to similar videos in the future make us know byliking this video and agreeing to our YouTube channel in the comments downbelow make us know which hosting provider do you prefer the most for hostingmultiple WordPress website I’ll be happy to doing the discussions.

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