Lee Web Hosting – Hosting Providers Agency 32 Shared Webhosting using CPanel – Joomla Part 1

32 Shared Webhosting using CPanel – Joomla Part 1

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okay this is a tutorial about web hosting and get a Joomla website running on a live network legion so to do this first of all I’ve got this webpage up now this is my web host of pick penguin entanglement hosting com it’s HTTP colon forward slash forward reduce penguin network hosting com and they are a great company I expended them for a lot of my locates pretty much all of my locates that i do and i called them up and i told them that i’m teaching this class and they were really supportive and really super helpful so they’ve set up a special web hosting plan for me to use for my class so that you guys can have some live live web hosting room and you guys can practise having some live areas and likewise more importantly use the backend tools the administrative tools that go along with having a shared entanglement host now I know some of you already maybe have a web host that you’re using but this would still be a good opportunity because you’re going to be able to use a linux web multitude now and you’ll get to play around with that and see if you like it and you might find that you prefer a company like this now when I’m going to talk more about entanglement hosting in some videos as we go along but I want to get right to it and get started so what I’ve got here is going to go back here so I’m hoping up a fresh URL now and i’m going to form in here dan scatter dance directions flecked net okay dan dance courses net the dance courses net is my main domain here and sub arena is Dan so it’s dan speck dance tracks net and what I’m going to do is I’m going to go to I’m going to add/ c committee which is short for control panel and this is how you get to the administrative implement for your entanglement host so you put in your domain name right or in this case this sub arena and domain name dan dance routes net/ c board and stumbled register and it should prompt you for a username and password so in this case I’ve got my username ok and I’m going to put in my password right and i’ll click ok and it should log me in to cpanel and i’m going to open this up now this is my control panel for this my web hosting chronicle and i’m going to get each one of you will have your own web hosting chronicle and I’ve got username and passwords for you so that you can do this yourself so you’re all going to get to try to do this and working in collaboration with ascertain bodies control panel so the first thing you see is a welcome screen I’m going to say no I’m fine thanks I’m good I don’t need to see any warlocks right now but I like it to come up just in case I decide last-minute that you are well aware maybe I do want to watch the wizard and and experience their tutorials on how to use it so right here this is the cpanel control panel and tell me something your region tells you your residence index tells you your last login from what IP address and bandwidth and got all these implements that are built in here right that you’ll have access to and that you can use to control your network emcee right and this is basically the tool that I use when I set up brand-new websites and brand-new domain names and all kinds of stuff I use cpanel to do all that right so the first thing I want to do is I want to install a joomla website to this web host so the first thing I did was I went to joomla right and i went to joomla org right and I clicked on download joomla and it took me to this locate right this page and I sounds download and I download the nothing datum of the latest version of Joomla 15 scatter 15 now full box I downloaded it to my computer and now what I want to do is I just wanted to upload it utilizing cPanel so I’m going to click on I’m going to scroll down here to my record manager and I’m going to open up my folder manager and “youve had” some choices here if you want to prance to different folders and I’m just going to say webroot public HTML dub dub dub and just go right to this the root for this domain so I’ll click go all right and it looks like this ok so there it is you can see it’s an vacate website doesn’t even have a home page usually your home page is called index.html or index PHP what have you and there’s not even a sheet there for that here so what I’m going to do is first thing to do is I’m going to upload joomla so I’ll click upload and I’ll click no on that and this is my upload implement and I’ll browse for the register that I need I’ve got it in a joomla folder here and there it is and it automatically starts uploading and it’s going to take you know a couple minutes now and wait for that to happen and while that’s happening I will sounds back here and and talk about this tool so you can upload files right here you can create folders now you can delete data you have to select them of course to go into a folder like this cgibin all i have to do is doubled click here and i can go in there right i go up one level that will go back out so home button refresh all kinds of stuff I can use this to extract a zipped file and that’s what I’m going to do formerly this uploads is I’m going to extract it use this tool right here alright and see how our uploads starting thirtyfour percent ended so I need to keep talking let’s talk about web hosts while we have a chance while waiting for this to upload so at penguin entanglement hosting when you choose a network legion you want to make sure of a few things first of all you want to have a opt a network host that’s been around for a few years maybe five years maybe then something like that so somebody that’s you know you don’t want to set up a web hosting note pay them and then have them go out of business after six months you know you’ll lose your money and you are able to not even providing access to your place folders anymore and it’s can be a pain in the butt so I would go and chose a web host that’s been around for a while now all of the web multitudes all declare that they’ve got ninetynine point nine percent up hour right that mostly your website will always be off and up and they’ll never be any downtime well you know all of the web hosting situates say that but very few deliver my experience has been that penguin web hosting does a very good job my locate is usually up the majority of cases I make pretty much all the time and a couple of terms when they’re doing when they’re doing upgrades on their servers they let me know they tell me exactly how long’s the area is likely to be down for and it’s usually not very long at all and like i said i get i get advanced warning and they’ve been really great you know if so anyway i’ll recommend them also another thing about the penguin network hosting for my students if you guys go with them and you do one of these reports they will give you a student discount rate if you give them my word and tell them know that you’re one of my students so so for my students really um that could be helpful alright let’s see if that chumps downloaded yet alright one hundred percent ended okay i’m going to say back to home and do you want to close the window yes i want to close that opening ok so there’s joomla and all i need to do now is extract it so i’m going to select it and i’m going to clink remove and ask me where do i want to extract it to i want to extract it to my public accentuate HTML folder that’s what we’re in right now and i’ll click extract documents and it will remove the entire joomla website now this will create a a website right in dan speck speck dance courses net now the second thing that I’m that I might have wanted to do was extract this whole joomla site instead of just extracting it in my network legion it might have been better if I wanted to have multiple sites to create some folders and obtain it in a folder that action I could have multiple sites that I’m practice with instead of just this one so let me let me give you an example so i could have made a folder called you know site one and then removed it into site one and I where I could have made a folder announced site too and then in and then uploaded the joomla record into that folder and then extracted it that way I have had an opportunity to multiple sites going on and that’s maybe what we want to do so in the next video I will I’ll talk about how to do that

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