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2 – Get Domain Name & Hosting

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so let’s talk about what we’re gonna learn and maybe the main question how much everything is gonna cost so the first thing is hosting hosting is a computer that’s on 24 hours a day that has superfast internet connection that holds all of your website information so it impounds your text it supports your portraits and it precisely views everything if you went to a website without hosting the website would come up blank because there’s no computer that is able to hold all the information that it needs to display like the graphics and everything so that’s how websites operate when you go to google.com a computer that’s holding all the information transports it to you and you get onto so hosting is the most expensive part of having a website but it’s not expensive at all so it is $ 10 per month $10 a month the next thing that it is essential to get is a domain name a domain name is your website name so Google’s domain name is google.com my domain name is Tyler com yours will be your business calm or your mention allay or whatever you want to be so a domain name is $13 about each year then the next thing that we’re gonna do is we’re gonna install WordPress WordPress is a content management system which is just a fancy way of saying it helps you manage your material so instead of having to know HTML and CSS and PHP and all this code all you have to do is type in what you want just like this and just like Microsoft Word and drag in idols and it will be displayed so it’s really easy real simple and it is free wordpress is also used by fortune 500 business CNN Forbes jay-z Katy Perry all of the you know you could look up on Google all the companies that use this it is the most popular content management system out there used by millions of people and used by professional web developers so I actually do think that WordPress is the best solution the next thing that we’re gonna do is create our website and since you’re gonna be doing it yourself you’re gonna be doing all the work not hiring a web developer this will too is freely so the total cost is you know if we add $10 a month and $13 a year to start is about $ 25 I’m going to show you how to get a discount so it’s gonna be under $ 20 to start which i think is pretty great and it’s awesome so I’m gonna demonstrate you how to get that reject and now we’re gonna move get our hosting and domain name and we can do that at the same place we could make love at hostgator.com so let’s go ahead and do that and now we can go to hostgator.com that’s H OS T a TR c om press recruit and I like Hostgator because they have live chitchat so if you ever get into any tribulations you could just click on the live converse and you can talk to them I’ve also been with them for about 10 years so they’re really good and I’ve been with some other hosting companies and they’re not so good you know they could be really bad I’m not gonna appoint any reputations but there are thousands and thousands of different web hosting companionships I haven’t tried all of them but I really like this one so what you can do here is just go to hover over hosting and sound entanglement hosting and now it’s gonna ask you to choose a plan we have hatchling plan baby plan or business mean we’re gonna immediately eliminate the business propose because it’s just too much for what we want and we want to save as much money as possible so that imparts us to the hatchling contrive or babe mean and remember you can upgrade at any time for free of charge so it’s silly to get anything else don’t get the special WordPress hosting that’s just you know not good or the dedicated hosting or VPS that’s just silly first let’s support your website and get some traffic to it and then you can upgrade any time you want so between the hatchling mean and the newborn contrive I personally have the baby the difference is the hatching plan only allows you to have a single domain name so like your website com where the newborn scheme allows you to have numerous many different domain names like your website com another website a personal website you know whatever I have like 50 domain names I have a whole bunch of web sites on the child plan so if you know that you’re only gonna have one domain name or you’re just gonna have one for now then obviously do the hatchling schedule I’m gonna do the newborn propose because that’s what I have so there’s no gap except for hatchling this is a single domain children unlimited realm alright so go ahead and click on it we’re gonna do the newborn you can save more money with the hatchling though alright and now I’m gonna enter in my don’t domain name this one is Dan’s plumbing la com alright and formerly you click off of it it will check to see if it’s there now you can do it comm Club Co space net you know whatever you hanker um if you already have a domain name let’s say you got it from GoDaddy you can click I already own this domain name and sounds it now and set up your hosting on Hostgator I study Hostgator is a lot better than GoDaddy or a lot of the other places where you get domain names so you can click this and enter it in there but if you’re getting a new one like we are just enter it in right here alright then we’re gonna check to make sure everything is ok so we are going to make it make sure that’s a child programme and it’s gonna say 36 months I don’t think that if you’re starting off you should do that because you know we’re locked down for 36 months let’s say you don’t like them or you know you want to switch or something I symbolize I haven’t want to get switch for 10 times but you know it could happen if they start sucking or something but you know they haven’t so I like to go month to month even though it is a little more expensive I mean your total is gonna be more expensive if you do 3 years at a time audience but if you go one month at a time that’s what I are happy to do so we’re just gonna depart month-to-month and we’re gonna enter in a username okay no capital letter and uh certificate bolt and all your report so your email address your credit card if you’re from a different country maybe PayPal account and all that stuff so I don’t think that you need any add-ons and again you can add it any time after so you know precisely set up your website start get people to it then start adding things don’t don’t spend a entire knot of money now so really uncheck all of these and instead of using snappy day you can save more “if youre using” my ticket code which is 35 th irt y fi ve impress validate confirm and you see that it has gone down in cost it’s under $20 so we can do that and I do get credit for this it helps me continue to move these tutorials so I really appreciate if you throw in my voucher system and it saves you more money it’s a win-win all right once you do that you check check got to make sure everything is ok and it is and sometimes they employed domain privacy protection and you can uncheck it but they haven’t done it now but I don’t think you need it I trust people but what that does is it moves it so people can look up your domain name and determine where you live and stuff like that that’s up to you I don’t think it’s necessary alright so formerly you do all that press I have read and agree to the Terms of Service and sounds checkout now then we are going to the congratulations page and that’s when you know it’s time to go ahead and check your email so I’m just gonna go to Gmail calm

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